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    Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post

    oh well.., at least now he's updating and not quiting.

    as i stated, wishing for the best!
    Originally Posted by Har D Har View Post
    Yeah, I was glad too. Though right now are boss is greiving for something, but my lips are sealed. Literaly.
    I was never going to quit this hack. I was just going to quit teams.
    I found out what happened with Tanner. That's so upsetting. I'll try and get some work done to try and cheer him up.

    Originally Posted by suoert View Post
    this hack is so cool, i really love dragons
    are you going to change the evolution levels of dratini and bagon?
    so that they evolve much sooner?
    Well, on the last page or the page before, I can't remember, I decided that I'd change the levels that they evolve. If you want to know, could you check, because honestly, off the top of my head, I can't remeber what levels they were.