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Redrum: after you defeat the Extreme Bore, go to Flossteeth city and you will find Redrum's pokeball in Heave-ho's house.

Hang-loose: this laid-back Pokemon doesn't really care if Death-hyper enters its territory... it just likes to relax.

Death-hyper: a snake who is obsessed with killing things. Hyper cutter is its signature move.

Starbuck: if ekans drinks too much coffee, it evolves into this.

Hotsnot: the baby form of Slugma, one is born whenever the lava gastropod sneezes.

Tunabone: this mystic rock/psychic type can be found in a can of the "chicken of the sea".

Smellyturd: you can only find this ice/flying poo in the Silvia Persian of Poke-a-man. It lives in the Rice Grave right outside of Saw-log-many town.

Legs-are-cute: this psychic/grass looker has hot gams that often distract the opponent of the opposite sex.

Low-life: found only in the Dread Persian of poke-a-man, Low-life is a fiery puppy who's a total slob.

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