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    On amount: Not really, as it depends on the content of the reviews. On another board I attend, for one reason or another, if a story has a large amount of replies, you know where either:

    A. The old stories are.
    B. The post-happy authors are.
    C. The arguments between badfic authors and reviewers have taken place.

    Usually, it's C. And, in fact, some of the better stories tend to take longer to get reviews, whereas people tend to jump on badfics to send in their constructive criticism (or "constructive criticism," in the case of some idiots).

    On type: Again, it depends on the content of your reviews. Take for a good ol' example. Now, some of the things that have gotten closed here would've gotten reviews like this there:

    "Excellent. Please write more."
    "LOLOLOL i LOVED this!!!!! u had bettr write more!!!1"
    "I love (insert character here)! Write more, plz!"

    And you would have about two pages of that sort of crap with no constructive criticism or, for that matter, anything more intelligent than a simple one-liner, even if your story happens to carry all the cliches of one god-awful fanfiction, including Mary Sues (with psychic/Pokemon powers), an uncreative plot (e.g. Ye Olde New Trainer Plot), WTF-worthy plot devices (e.g. "Logic? What logic?"), and enough errors in language to make you sound just a bit like you ate paint chips as a child.

    However, if you've got numerous intelligent reviews (i.e. anything other than the above), then chances are, it's good. But again, it depends on what they're saying.

    And yes, it's happened to me. It's a bit frustrating that my stories would get passed over, but I don't think too much about it and assume that someone will come along if I keep adding to them.
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