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    Dang, Jax Malcolm totally stole my thunder there. So, umm...yeah, what she said. xD That's very true about the long fics, by the way. I obviously can't speak for reviewers in general, but for me it's hard to simply find the time to read through a multi-page fanfic which I haven't touched before and it just goes against my nature to review something I've only partly read. Generally, if you've got multiple chapters with no reviews in between then it's time to slow down on your chapter posting; not speed it up.

    One additional thing I feel inclined to rant about: the word 'funny'. Honestly, I've seen that term abused so badly in 'reviews' (and I use that term loosely here) that it's not even-well, it's not even funny. xP I don't know why, but for some reason any given fanfiction that has core characters doing spontaneous (and usually moronic) things in some completely random environment gets automatically classified as 'funny'. Seriously, peoples: "Brock grabbed an uzi and shot the mudkibzes" is not funny by any stretch of imagination, a Pikachu named "Pookachu" is not funny unless your sense of humor is stuck at kindergarten. Sometimes fanfiction is JUST PLAIN BAD! Call it what it is. Honestly, I don't know why 'funny' has been demoted to one of those compliments you stick to when you can't find anything good to say about something, but I absolutely hate the way it's being (ab)used. <__<

    Anyways, yeah...quantity of reviews is really nothing to go by since this section is still suffering from a very nasty affliction: too few people who actually review. And by 'review' I don't mean "Haha, this is so funneh!" or "lol ur fic sux, I did ur mum last night"; I mean actually saying something constructive, preferably in more than a one-line sentence. >.
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