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    Kanto: FR Trying to catch a good natured Articuno for some reason, I know it's not that good of the Legendary Birds, but yeah... no one uses him unless someone can prove me wrong.

    Hoenn: E About to fight Winoa again, my team is Grimer 29 Magnemite 28, Marshtomp 30, Swellow 29, Vigoroth 28, Ludicolo 30, as you can tell I try to keep my Pokemon around the same levels, once the rest get to 30 I'll raise Marshtomp to 32, by the way I caught a Grimer then I bred it to get a better natured one so it could live some hits, also gave it a lot of HP EVs.

    R: I'm not really playing seriously on it, I just got a Ludicolo from evolving Lombre that I hatched on the game with Leech Seed and Razor Leaf, too bad it's not the nature I want, but it's just for in game purposes, I like just going around on Ruby for the pick up stuff mostly, I can't seem to find many things to keep in my team permanently, I'm also working on getting a Bagon or something, might get 2 on my game and breed them on Emerald to have one for later.

    Update in Emerald: beat Winoa, now I'm just leveling my Team to prepare for what all is comming up... Rayquaza and the Team Magma junk... >.>...
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