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As long as you've tallied 'em all up now, that's fine.

And I didn't take it as a jest either. xD; It just didn't sound like a joke at all to me, but uh, since it was, I guess that's fine. Just don't jest with me anymore, because it left me in a bad mood because I didn't want to say anything. xD;; I don't want to be involved with the votes, but as the mod I still have to walk around and make sure this runs in a proper way.

Anyway, I updated the rules with a section on the RPer of the Month, so lets all scurry on over and read them, shall we? I'll probably add to them as time goes on, but for now, this'll do fine. Also, the reason I'm asking you all to PM me before posting a RPer of the Month voting thread, is because these threads might be on and off, one month might have one and the next might not, so I'll have to know when to pay attention to them and close voting threads and stuff like that. So yeah, let's all read the new section in the rules.