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    Hoenn: I've restarted my game (first time in about 3 years). I managed to make it to Mauville City but I don't feel my team is super good. I have a
    level 16 Electrike (Raimectric, I am the Demon Nicknamer, a nickname is mandatory),
    level 16 Ralts (Pselegance),
    level 16 Lombre (Somflaqua),
    level 16 Surskit (Insectarae),
    level 18 Taillow (Courollow) and a
    level 19 Combusken (Whagiddo).

    So far, Roxanne has been a trifle tricky ( this is before I got Somflaqua and Raimectric), Brawly has been easy and for memory, Wattson isn't too bad. I don't believe I've encounted any shiny Pokemon is Sapphire (do they sparkle? If not, I'll never get one. (I couldn't tell if they had different colors, I can't tell the colors apart))

    I'll update when I have made progress.
    I nickname Pokemon, every one, even legendaries.