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Hey. I am currently trying to 'tune-up' a fire red rom so I can make it more difficult and make some pokémon better. I want to:
- change some trainers' pokemon;
- change pokemon base stats;
- change pokemon learned moves via level-up and TMs.

Changing trainers is possible with P.E.T., but it glitches out a whole lot and for some reason it registers the rival (gary, green, whatever) having pokemon he doesn't actually have (when I tried to do it, 'TERRY' had a Pidgeot, a Krabby, a Nidoqueen, a Hypno, a Growlithe and a Rhyhorn. Rhyhorn, Growlithe and Pidgeot he usually has, but Hypno?). Note that I haven't touched this rom before, it is clean.

As for changing pokemon base stats, Base Edit says that 'monster names aren't specified in the database' and I have no idea about what does this means.
Finally, patted worked for me when I tried in a clean Ruby rom (and even so it crashed quite a few times, and was missing some moves. Silver Wind, Signal Beam and more) and it worked decently, but with my fire red rom it just shows the pokemon names as glitched up stuff. For some reason, Charmander is &%/("#%&(#%&. I know it is Charmander because the moves work, you can see ember and metal claw and stuff.

Anyway, i was wondering if there is/are any other tools that can substitute those I referred? Base Edit was the only one that was working nicely, without glitches or crashing out randomly, but it doesn't work for some reason. I searched this thread and heard about a tool called 'pokemon amplifier', unfortunately the link was dead and I couldn't find anything on google about it, so if that works for what I want, i'd apreciate it if you could upload it!

Also, one final little thing after this huge post, please be aware that I am completely new to this hacking scene - I know the tools from EliteMap and that's it. If what I want can only be done by HEX, could someone link me to a tutorial or something?

Thanks in advance.