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    Originally Posted by once in a blue mew
    Well... I had... maybe 2 or 3 questions.

    1) About how hard is it to insert FR tiles into Ruby?

    2) What program would I have to use? (I have Advance Map and unLZ GBA, but I don't like the way unLZ works... I find it very complicated.)

    3) Which is better to hack, Ruby or FR?
    It's not very hard (for me lol) but the Pokecenter as a example is a bit difficult to insert.Well the unZL gba way is the easyiest
    (wrong writen right? x_X) way to insert tiles.

    Originally Posted by *~*TwiLiTeDaRkRai*~*
    Do any body can tell me why Cyclone doesn't work for me please?
    Apears a error message?
    My English isn't the best, sry