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Uchhhh. Finally caught a Seviper to breed with my Treecko to get Crunch on Treecko, and walked around for aaaaaaaages in ash with fugly Spindas popping out at me every 2 steps, and what do I get? A stupid baby Seviper. Apparently, my Treecko needed to be female. *hangs head in shame* No way I'm starting again, so I've ditched my Azumarill and I'm getting myself a Ludicolo.

Fire Red
Trained my Pokemon in Cinnabar Mansion, taught my Clefable Softboiled, won a Hitmonchan in the Fighting Dojo, and have now just entered the Silph Scope place in Saffron City with:
Clefable lv 47
Rhyhorn lv 47
Exeggutor lv 47
Charizard lv 46
Tentacruel lv 46
Nidoking lv 46
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