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OOC: Crappy first post, sincerest apologies. Trying to get the feel for this character again.

Bobby was in one of his usual melancholy stalkings, which meant that he was upon the sight before he realised there was something amiss. His heyes were on the leather cap of his stump, his arm turned upward to that the long sleeve fell away to reveal the brown elather surface, studded with iron. "You're a mess, you're a cripple. Tealia might train you now thatthey're about to go to war, but don't expect them to put a cripple like you in anything important. Even if you are a damned fine swordsman..." He scolded himself, tempering himself with loathing and anger. Still, there was a chance that the 'Mashtion Scar' might be useful. He doubted it though, the dark attrocity on his head would probably only further penalize him, thanks to his luck.

Finally shaken from his revire, he took several moments stopped on the walk outside the cafe to stare openly. What on earth was tha girl on the table doing? Moreover, what was that light? Lastly, and most importantly, WHY IN THE NAME OF TYLONSTUS WAS IT COMING TOWARDS HIM?! As it hit him, he felt his vision darkening, and expecting the blackness of unconsciousness, or death, he was quite suprised when he simply lost himself to swirls of earthy murk, from light tan of a sandstorm, to the deep near black of deep minerals...

Slowly, they began to solidify. A cave, in complete darkness. There was no sight, yet somehow, he saw. The walls, the celing and floor lined with crystals that could have been bright with color, but in the void of light were as black as all else. He stood face to face with a strange figure, who had the light. It wasn't that she gave off light, or as if some light shone on her, but she seemed simply immune to the darkness of the cave.

The figure that stood before him was beautiful, female, yet clearly not human. Her skin seemed sculpted, as though of redstone into a delicate, slightly angular, yet somehow soft and enticing face. the eyes had no pupils, or a better word would be no irises. It was hard to tell, since they glinted a pure shining black like onyx. Her hair was comprised of fine, almost crystalline strands of jet that hung down, just barely brushing her shoulders. She was clad in a tan garb of what appeared to be sandstone, a full dress, though that wasn't quite the word. It looked as though it was emulating hide of some sort. Looking down at himself, he saw that he was clad in the same, like sand made cloth.

He glared at her, seeing the pity clearly in her eyes. Who was she to judge? Seemingly reacting to his thought, she spoke, in a soft voice, like the caress of wind through a cave. "I'm you, bobby." He raised an eyebrow at her. "Really? Yes, I can clearly see the family resemblance." he said sarcasticly, gaining a small smile from her. "You don't eavesdrop much, do you? Just listen, and I'll explain everything. I'm what you would call a Fael, and my name..."