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OoC// I don't have word on this computer right now, so I don't have spellchecker yet. x_x; So there might be like... a lot of error's in this post. 3 And I got REALLY lazy after Adela's thing. Having four characters is a pain in the butt. xD


Aertan, if nothing else, was somewhat disgusted at Reid's sudden change in gender. Alicel, like usual, couldn't bear but to burst into uncontrollable laughter, but quieted to listen to She-Rei- errr... Mistral explained the dots on their foreheads, as she explained Tylonstus, and as she explained pretty much... everything. Adela, who had been fished back after being unable to find the healer Shiraume, turned a deft shade of green when Reid suddenly made the big switch, and held her tongue only because of Mistral's embarrassing statement that Reid had wanted to save her. (She didn't need any saving, by the way, she had been, perfectly fine, on her own. Could've beaten that weird demon thing to a pulp if she'd wanted to. You know, the works.)

When Mistral began to talk about the gods, Aertan's left hand twitched, and at the word 'tyrant', the rose began to glow feverently, with renewed vigor as an incredible number of doubts for Tylonstus flew through his mind. It was obvious that it was taking all of Aertan's self-control not to yell out in the middle of Mistral's speech, as he was digging his fingers into his palm so hard that unmistakeable drops of crimson fell to the floor. He was sure that of all the people in the room, he wanted to hear the bits about Ophelia and Tylonstus the most. This was one doubt that was not in his mind. The glow began to ebb when Mistral moved on to talk about Fael's, however, and Aertan took a deep breath, just barely relaxing his fist.

It was quick. The pain in his fist disappeared when the light seemed to engulf him, and he landed roughly on a brick floor. He was first aware of the fact that the tattoo on his left hand was gone. His hand was unblemished, and he could flex it freely without the stiff burning on the back of his hand. The second thing he realized was that he was bathed in a glowing and flickering light. He scrambled to his feet as he came to the conclusion that he was in a burning throne room, the flames surrounding him on all sides. Aertan tentatively waved his hand slowly through the flames, and though they burned brightly, they were not hot. Even he felt the heat of his own mahstion. His head jerked to the side when he heard a cackle, however, as the strangest woman he'd ever seen sat upon the brick throne that seemed to fall right out of the ceiling. She wore only a red bikini, and, as Aertan noted, had sustained no burns from the flames that engulfed her as well. Although, she had quite the numerous amount of tattoo's, as her entire body was covered in swirly and zigzagging red ink, while she wore a pair of red lace-up boots on her feet. Her hair was aflame, the short cut pulled behind her head and held at bay by a very odd looking mask. The white bone was stained with red, thick horn like spikes protruding from the back of the mask, and the woman waved her hand lazily, the crimson painted on her long nails gesturing around the room.

"The flames don't harm those of Fionus mahstion." She said, crossing one leg over the other, "And this here mask, isn't it cute? I killed a Ruby Lion Fish and decided that it's skull looked really nice."

Aertan raised an eyebrow as she continued to chatter away, "My name is Hoeten, but they call me Haeon't because it sounds a lot cooler, don'tcha think? Anyway, I'm your plufael, and Geote is your negafael, he's annoying as heck because he's just a stick in the mud, if you know what I mean. I'm so glad to be able to see you in person, I mean, those wings of yours are so unflattering."

Aertan automatically glanced to his left and jumped when he saw no hand, no knobbly ends, just a regular wing without arms. He turned to his right, and Geote waved at him, shrugging as best one arm could shrug.

"Shut up." Haeon't snapped at Geote, "I don't want to hear a word out of you. This is my time. Go bug sweetie on your own time."

"Sweetie?" Aertan finally spoke up, disgusted.

"So anyway," Haeon't continued, ignoring Aertan's annoyed expression, "As you can see-"

"We're not curses of Tylonstus. Quite the opposite really, since we're children of Ophelia. Against the tyrant, naturally."

"SHUT UP. SHUT! UP!" Haeon't shrieked, and Aertan decided that Haeon't was an opportunist, taking advantage of the fact that she was larger then Geote at the moment, "Stupid, freakin', negafael."

And with that, Aertan sat upright in his seat, blinking around before shaking his head, frowning at the sight of his bloody palm and the tattoo that had returned to its rightful place on his left hand.


Adela stared squarely at the boy who was dressed in an outfit with fabric designed exactly like her own, except the garments were a dark onyx shade of black, lined with gold, the top a sleeveless mandarin collared shirt over a pair of pure black trousers that practically made him disappear into the great shadows cast by the tall forest around them. Bathed in moonlight, he looked incredibly, sickly pale, and his black hair that hung in his yellow eyes couldn't repress the disgustingly kind eyes that were sleepy, his face stretched into a soft smile.

"Ugh." Was all Adela could offer, along with a curled lip of disgust.

The boy laughed lightly, and Adela cringed.

"You truly are an enigma, princess. You're normally so cheerful and glad." He said, and before Adela could interject with a crude comment, he introduced himself with a formal bow, "My name is Jeckt, please do feel free to call upon me at any time you wish for my company or assistance. I'm at your beck and call."

"Good," Adela snapped, "Let's start first, don't call me princess. It's disturbing. Second, don't smile at me with that freaky blank smile that just screams your going to do something freaky to me. And last, don't talk like your from the first century, it's weird."

Jeckt tapped his chin thoughtfully, before saying, "Well, I can oblige to only one, my apologies. What would you like me to address you as?"

"Master, Superior, something like that." Adela said haughtily before quickly waving her hands in defense as Jeckt opened his mouth to speak, "No, no, I wasn't serious, that's even freakier then Princess. Well... it's close. Just call me Adela, that works fine."

"But that's rude."

"Er, no, it's not."

Jeckt smiled, and Adela determinedly stared anywhere but at his freakishly good-natured face, "Very well, Adela. I do believe I should meet Mistral soon, after all, we're technically engaged, aren't we? What a strange prospect. I've never met her, only seen her just now. Ah, the world works strange fates."

"...Are we done here?"

"It is against your desires to speak with me?"

"You're creeping me out. Just a little."


"I'm Kranius." Said the white haired teen, wearing a white cotton shenti about his waist along with a dark blue scarf around his waist, fashioned as a belt, "And I dunno, that's really all there is."

Alicel shifted to her other foot and said, "Why don't you ever help me in battle? Like Mistral and Reid??"

"You've never asked for it." Kranius smirked, "Besides, you've never wanted to fight, so I don't exactly get the chance to, now do I?"

"I did! When Aertan kidnapped me, remember? I fought him, but my powers were just the same as before?"

"Yeah, well, you were only three days my reila. It's called the element of surprise. I mean look, aren't you surprised there's such a handsome guy living in your mind? I mean honestly, most girls would-"

"Most, girls. I personally think the fact that you're only half clothed is a major turn-off, and your white hair makes you look like you're an old man, and you're kind of flabby, not much muscle, so I don't understand why you're flashing the world with your pathetic-"

Kranius turned a good shade of red as he snapped, "I'm your opposite, and since you're so intent on surrounding yourself with things you like, naturally I don't. Besides, I like this style, thanks. You might not be able to feel it, but it's really hot on this godforsaken island of a brain. Next time you're about to die, don't expect me to help!"

And with that, Alicel was booted out of her own mind. Naturally, the first meeting didn't go so well. As was expected of an Alicel opposite. As someone with little confidence in herself, but a good knack at acting it, Kranius must've been the most pompous prick on the face of the planet, a boy who sat on an ego as big as the world he lived in. And as far as Alicel was concerened, her brain was not a godforsaken island.


"M-Me??" Villa stammered, "I-I'm the s-sixth apostle, Villa. It's a pleasure to m-make your acquaintence." She curtsied as best as she could, before she continued to stumble over her words. Her face turned bright red at the mention that she was pretty, (as praise was something that she was unaccustomed to) and she managed a small smile for the younger apostle.

"Ah, I seem to have failed as an experiment. I don't remember what I've been doing for this past year. It hurts when I remember those things. But I'm supposed to tell them what I've seen and what I remember, but, I don't know anything, so they're really angry and I don't know, so..." Villa paused, unable to think of how to go on, "I don't really know what to do. My missions comprise mostly of being an experiment, so, I've kind of failed. I can only remember little things. I don't know what I've been doing this past year."

Smiling, Villa turned to Cress and said, "You must be the newest apostle. Your awfully nice."