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    Originally Posted by Deeje View Post
    How can I script one then???
    Well I shouldn't be answering this here but here's a signpost script(pokescript).
    #org $start
    message $sign
    boxset 6

    #org $sign
    $sign 1 =

    Please don't ask how do I insert it. Read Irish Witch's Tutorial on scripting.

    Originally Posted by light_trainer921 View Post
    I tried it on a clean rom days ago and some of the text are still blank. That's what happened after I edit a text.

    EDIT: I created a new building in Viridian and I created a warp there using A-Map. The problem is, when I entered the new building the player landed on the table instead of landing on the mat/door. How can I change the player position when it entered the building?

    EDIT2: Since I replaced the FR Pidgey with a DP one using unLZ, the whole Viridian map has no events(except the flight position in front of the Pokémon Center). Is it connected to the Pidgey?
    I'm not sure about the A-text problem.

    The second problem is that you have to make sure there is a warp on the inside and that they have the right values attached. Usually if you've warped to a room, but pointed to a warp no. that isn't there, It usually warps to the middle of the room.

    3rd Problem. I have no idea. That shouldn't have happened.