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    Hi everyone.

    My friend and I started hacking Fire Red yesterday. We never done something like that before so we... suck. Right now we have several questions (I'm sure we will have more)

    1. (We're using advance map) We tried to builed a new market but everytime we use the warp from the outside to the inside, the screen turns black an the game freezes. (It's the first market in the game and we tried to delete the oak-parcel-event. I didn't worked, so we built a new one.) The warp is linked correct. Any what might be wrong?
    2. How can we edit the trainersprites of the maincharacter (you know, the one at the beginning and on the trainer card)
    3. Is there a programm or a way to add new trainers?
    4. Are there tilesets made by other hackers for downloading and using?