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    Alright, people, easy, easy...

    Hey, things really change while I'm busy writing a post (thanks to whoever is paying attention to spammy posts, probably Semele)

    Originally Posted by Shiun Enshidia View Post
    I sure am liking how the game is going.
    Now I just need to find something to ask which hasn't already been answered...thats hard considering your getting close.
    Oh their is something small, although its about the spelling of Fuscia City's Gym Leader. In Gold it was Janine or something, in FR it was Charine or something like that. Which one will you use? (I seriously need to find something better to ask then that)

    Oh yeah.
    Will you be adding additional, harder, Silver battles? I mean, the last one (canon anyway) is at Mt. Moon. Seeing as how theirs going to be another area, would you add anymore. I mean, theirs already 2 other rivals who will most likely get new battles but will Silver?
    I used Janine, because that's how she's called at Gold (I do remeber her being called Charine, but when you have to compare: Janine > Charine)

    And for additional Silver battles I don't think I'm gonna do that, mainly because he's an original character from Gold and I want to stick with what they (Nintendo) did with him (I can do anything I want with my extra trainers, though)

    Originally Posted by garfieldlover94 View Post
    Zel: Trainer Hill was in Pokemon Emerald and is the same as the Trainer Tower in Firered, in case you aren't sure what it is, you have to scale 5-8 floors each with battles on each one and when you got to the top you got a prize. In Emerald each floor had a puzzle and double battles on each floor and i believe only 5 floors. In Firered you decided if you want double or single and the difficulty level, there are no puzzles. There was an occasional Shiny in Firered and everytime you battled that trainer that Pokemon would be Shiny. Also in Emerald some trainers had legendaries and unique Pokemon like Unown, Entei and Articuno. You were also allowed to use any Pokemon you wanted
    Interesting, well, thanks for informing me about it. I haven't used FR's Trainer Tower, so it's still available if I decide to put it somewhere after Red's defeat.

    Originally Posted by Dr.Garchomp View Post
    I've seen the legendary dog video, and it looks pretty good BTW, is the hoenn battle music just temporary?
    Yes, it is.

    Originally Posted by Cartman View Post
    I have a question zel, about how that Ruby and Sapphire, Oak thing. Will you have to do a sidequest?
    No, you don't really need the Ruby and Sapphire because it's all related to a certain flag to be setted on. So, the only thing you need to do in order to activate it will be to reach Pallet and talk with Oak (which means it won't be available on B5)

    Originally Posted by Nicolas View Post
    And there's more, I noticed that all th=e trainers in the game that can be registered in the phone are the trainers whos names are:

    Yes, by the way, regarding the rematch trainers I have something else to ask to everyone at the end of this post.

    Originally Posted by Martin Yiu View Post
    Hi Carlos, it has been a long time since I came to this thread last time. Mainly because I have many things to do :D

    Anyways, I am here to offer you help when making rado system. I did a base of the so-called radio system in Semele's hack Liquid Ocean, but I didn't finish it as we split up and each one have project to do (no one knows about mine because I still didn't post it here).

    About the system: I was planning to connect all the radios with a bunch of flags and using a few practically similar scripts and just cycling the programmes on air, maybe adding some special ones when doing some task, giving some hints depending on the flag activated in the script of the task and so on. If you want, feel free to tell me. I am really happy that you are making this progresss

    I have a n00b-type question: Will you put any G/S beta maps into SG? As you said it doesn't have to be exact copy of G/S/C, maybe some beta maps might be revamped and some events added, and the places will open after beating E4 or so... But I think the answer will be no :D

    (For everyone loving GSC beta maps wait for my new project which will include FR revamps of GSC beta maps :D No offense to this hack, really)

    Anyways, good luck and see ya!

    About the radio system, it's still something that I'm not worried about at least for the next Beta, and most likely, I'll do it myself 'cause it's a funny event to script XP

    About your question, I was suggested to add that Safari Zone map, and I put it in. The other Beta maps were from locations that were fixed on Gold, so I'll only remake the "fixed" versions, and not the Beta ones (doesn't make too much sense), but who knows, maybe there could be extra locations with a certain resemblance to those Beta maps.

    OK, I'll ask this again (I think this'll be the last time). If anyone wants to help me with a full list of the rematch trainers lineups (you know, they increase their pokes levels and ammounts, so I need a full list of all those changes), please I need that to keep improving the Phone Booth and Rematch Trainers scripts. I could do it myself, but then that would take a LOT of my time that I could use to do more important stuff. I hope that someone's up to such tedious task (I'm not, for sure... But if I have to, I'd do it, wasting lots of time, though), credits will be given obviously.

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