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If I have enough time, I just might finish dis xD.


Name: Enkel Joans
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire, though it doesn't really count. Enkel is much to naive to be a vampire, she so refers herself as a "Wine Drinking Lady." Enkel still enjoys sucking other people, but would rather give them a written note first. It usually says "I'm gonna' suck your blood ♥." Enkel is always a trustworthy vampire, and always fulfills her word. Though in the bright house of Coca, it merely is a disguise for Enkel’s assassin business, which has been funding the Joans family for many many years. But Enkel is only an ordinary vampire, where she only sucks people's blood, and can turn others into a vampire as well. Though, Enkel is still always in the center of attention, mainly for the fact of her naive nature she has, and her special ability to get herself in a lot of trouble.

Element: Light
House: Coca
Description: (5+ lines)
Personality: (5+ lines)
History: (5+ lines)
Weapon: (Two maximum)
Other: (Anything else)

Name: (Be creative…nothing like Spot)
Description: (I will allow pictures for this one)
Personality: (5+ lines)
Other: (Anything else)
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