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    I've written quite a few stories and posted them around the net, and I've given up altogether looking for decent reviewers. In the beginning I was so desperate for feedback that after I posted I would keep the forum page (or equivalent) cued up in the browser, hitting refresh every five or ten minutes. It really was rather pathetic, and in the end quite debilitating.

    What I learned in the end is that you have to be happy just honing your skills. If you need to know whether people like you, check your view count. As has been mentioned, people are very quick to jump all over bad writers. If they're viewing you and not saying anything it's a pretty sure bet they liked your writing. Keep adding to your story and if your view count keeps going up, you're getting read and you're doing your job well.

    Eventually you'll get a nice pat on the back (or some good advice), just hang in there, be patient, and write and share because you like writing and sharing.

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