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    Awwright...I'm almost done with my profile. Clothes will be added in short order, just need to figure them out. xD Anyways, if there's something wrong with this profile then tell me and I shall fix.

    Name: Evanel Lindblom
    Age: 17 (He looks about 14, though)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Half-nymph (Half-Alseid, to be specific)
    Element: Psychic
    House: Nidhogg

    Description: It doesn't take much more than a glance to note Evanel's unusual heritage. His frame is slender and delicate with a petite nose, adding a slightly feminine touch to his appearance, and his skin is completely smooth and flawless, a pleasant shade of light brown in color. His eyes are almond-shaped and of a vivid electric blue color, and those who look directly into them - it is said - will eventually be entranced, though whether this is true or not is anyone's guess. Evanel's hair is of a dark green color, reaching to about shoulder-length at the back and a bit above his eyes at the front, usually kept in that stylishly messy manner that most people can only obtain through hours at a hair salon. His small ears have an ever-so-slight point to them, though it's doubtful that there is any elf in his bloodline.

    Clothing-wise, Evanel isn't anything that peculiar, usually wearing a light but fairly durable shirt and a pair of snuggly fitting cargo pants, typically in varying shades of green or other foresty colors with a light brown fanny pack for carrying objects around his waist. Adding a slightly more eccentric touch to his clothing is a makeshift belt made of intertwined plants he wears around his waist, though the specific plants vary with the season and are replaced often as the frail accessory wears out. Perhaps most strikingly, Evanel's feet are always bare, regardless of temperature or terrain. Apparently, he finds wearing shoes to be about the most uncomfortable thing imaginable, and not even Zynthre or his mother has been able to nag him into changing his mind about the subject. The soles of his feet seem to be tougher than those of your average human, however, so he seems genuinely unbothered by terrain.

    Personality: Seemingly as light as light-hearted can get, Evanel's basic personality seems to be that of a child. He's always on the lookout for fun, adventure, and excitement in no particular order and seems to regard rules and regulations of all sorts as guidelines at best. Evanel delights in peculiarities of all kinds, be they funny words, accents, people behaving oddly, or just something that looks amusing to him, typically bursting into a fit of light, melodic laughter, regardless of whether it's socially reprehensible. He also enjoys pranks, schemes, and wordplay of all kinds, particularly if it can shock or confuse those around him, and the fact that Evanel can strike anyone, anywhere, at any given time with one of his crazy new inventions tends to annoy all but the most jovially minded. For all his tactlessness, Evanel has also mastered the art of being infernally endearing. Whoever gets angry with him will be subjected to the most sincere, melancholy pair of puppy dog eyes you ever saw, accompanied by an elaborate apology delivered in a heart-wrenching 'pity me' voice, possibly with a side-order of tears. As a result, most of his pranks are just dismissed with a grumpy 'never mind' and few have it in them to hold a serious grudge against the half-nymph.

    On the positive side, Evanel does take pride in spreading mirth, be it by the tunes of his ocarina or through one of his countless pranks, and as long as you're fortunate enough not to be the target of his pranks and don't place to much value on peace and quiet he can be quite invigorating to be around. Evanel always seems to have a smile - or at the very least smirk - on his lips, passing most grievances with a light shrug. To his mind, life's too short for worrying. Despite his usually innocent and air-headed behavior, Evanel does have a sharp mind, however, and he is a lot more insightful than most people give him credit for. Despite technically being late teenage, he still acts like a child, mostly because he finds others' reactions to such behavior to be most amusing. Capricious and manipulative, he sees nothing wrong with exploiting others for his own ends as long as he doesn't cause them any serious harm and can be as cutesy and adorable as you can imagine if he believes that some fun will come out of it. As far as Evanel is concerned, the rest of the world is basically there for his personal amusement, and he intends to play it for all its' worth.

    History: Not much is known about Evanel's origins. He was delivered as a baby to the doorstep of a completely ordinary family in suburban Espoo, Finland. There was no note or explanation of any kind, just a particularly adorable little child with bright, electric blue eyes and a wooden ocarina. Dutiful as they were, the couple took Evanel in and raised him as their foster-son, but it didn't take long to discover that there was something not quite right about him. For one, there was the name; both parents were positive that they hadn't planned to call anyone 'Evanel', yet for some inexplicable reason the name rolled of their tongues whenever they addressed the child, and the oddities didn't stop there: even though he had yet to master speech, it seemed to take Evanel barely a month to master playing on the ocarina that had accompanied him, and by the time he was at school enrollment age the instrument was his constant companion. Granted, Evanel was an odd child, but his parents loved him nonetheless and failed to suspect anything when, after a good night story, he innocently asked whether or not he could keep a dragon if he just happened to find one. Blissfully unaware of what she was getting herself into, his mother laughed and agreed.

    The next day, at the tender age of seven, Evanel delivered as he had promised, and Zynthre was introduced to the household. Needless to say, his parents were far from thrilled at the prospect, but Evanel held her mother to the promise, and - to be perfectly frank - neither parent had the guts to shoo away a mythical beast. From there on, family relations grew increasingly strained as Evanel took up bringing his new pet with him everywhere, sometimes disappearing into the countryside without as much as a word of warning, only to reappear a few days later, in full health and chipper as could be. It was at this time that other oddities began to surface as well: the child took up the most unnerving habit of answering questions before they were posed, the tunes produced by his ocarina started gaining unearthly undertones, and he even exhibited a knack for predicting events with disturbing accuracy.

    Soon thereafter, on a seemingly regular morning, Evanel suddenly got up from the breakfast table and went to pack his bags without as much as a word. Disturbed, his mother pursued him, but before she could get an answer out of the boy, Evanel most uncharacteristically gave her a hug and said his goodbyes before disappearing, dragon in tow. A few minutes after he had left, a letter of invitation was delivered to the Lindblom household, dictating that their foster-son was now ready to attend a certain academic facility of considerable repute...

    Weapon: Evanel isn't much into weapons, but the closest thing would probably be a small, wooden ocarina carved with decorative leaf patterns, which he always carries with him. While the instrument in itself doesn't seem to have any particular properties - aside from being very well crafted - it serves as a focal point for his kindred psychic powers, and the tunes it produces mislead and confuse those who hear them, creating misjudgments in direction and distance of sounds and sometimes even disrupting the listener's sense of balance or creating minor illusions. When it comes to actually dealing physical damage, Zynthre is the one to call on.

    Other: Due to his heritage, he has a knack for hiding in the wilderness and can move effortlessly even through nearly impenetrable undergrowth. Sometimes he also hears words before they are spoken and remembers things that haven't happened yet, but the content of these visions seems to be trivial at best.

    Name: Zynthre
    Gender: Male

    Description: Zynthre is, he will have you know, not scrawny but compact, and no he would not like to have a ridiculously large wingspan and all that bulk which you could never fit anywhere anyway thank-you-very-much and who would want to breathe fire and accidentally light a curtain or something? Well, you'd never catch him doing something like that. Standing at about 4,1 meters while on his hind legs but barley reaching above 2,5 when on all fours, Zynthre's body is shaped much like a newt's, with a long, thin, pointed tail which is nearly three meters at its full length. When necessary, this tail can be detached to allow escape or otherwise shock the foe, but it calls for quite a dire predicament for Zynthre to accept such a maneuver. His body is covered in shimmering, forest green scales - save for the underbelly where the scales are of a slightly lighter hue - and his eyes are pear-colored, shaped like those of your average lizard. Zynthre's wings bear quite a striking resemblance to those of a bat, being partially translucent save for the area around the bones, and protrude from the area just before his front legs, bearing a camouflage pattern of varying shades of green. When not in use, the wings are folded securely against his back, taking very little space. His feet, much like those of most dragons, are clawed, though unlike the most Zynthre can retract his claws when he sees fit.

    Personality: Quite the opposite of his master, Zynthre is trite, formal, and has quite the appetite for sarcasm. He hates loud noises, unnecessary activity, and 'frivolous business' of all kinds and takes his duties as a 'guardian' very seriously. Needless to say, there has been quite a bit of tension between him and Evanel, but the dragon feels duty-bound to serve the child he was chosen for, and thus remains obedient - no matter how much it vexes him. Seemingly in constant grouching over something, Zynthre never seems to be fully content with anything; the glass is either half-empty, completely empty, or at the very least sloppily cleaned as far as he's concerned. His prime needs are peace and quiet in large amounts, and anyone who denies him either of these two is in for a barrage of sarcastic remarks. Zynthre is rather self-important, however, and likes to show off his knowledge, so should someone ask him a question - preferably with a few flattering adjectives related to his mighty stature - he might actually be pleasant, especially if the subject is that of his heritage. (13th successor of a line of mighty guardian dragons, he'll have you know)

    Most of the time, the remarks about his appearance - a subject on which Zynthre is very touchy - are far from flattering, however, so needless to say, staying on good foot with him is tedious at best. He is knowledgeable, however, and a surprisingly fierce fighter.

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