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OOC: Expect a bad post structure wise. It's been so long. XD

"Hmm, peculiar. For one so old you certainly don't know when to hold your tongue like an old man should." Cress spat in a tone that was lined with hostility. He subtly moved in between Villa and Velin, and his red eyes continued to glare up at the intimidating first apostle. "The girl I've been charged with looking after, Rosaline. I have moved her to the designated holding cell as requested. Therefore, I have no further appointed tasks until I have to attend to her later on." He bared his fangs, the glare continuing. Out of all the other apostles, Cress hated Velin the most, and every time they had met face to face the discussions had been hostile. "I suggest, that in the future, you do not step out of line and attempt to give me orders. You may be the eldest, and you may be the one charged with handling reports in regards to our operations, but you are not in charge of either Villa or myself." The apostle boy prepared himself. Chances were he was going to feel pain for even thinking of standing up against this man. All of the other's feared him, but Cress did not. He was either really brave, or really stupid.

"Sister, you know we are forbidden entrance into this place." A young girl, appearing no older than ten years old said to another, who looked exactly like the original. Both of the girls had curly, pastel purple hair that fell down to their ankles, two pairs of demonic wings erupting from their backs. One pair was blue in colour, while the other pair was red, symbolizing their purpose as apostles of Wation plus Fionus. These two girls, both dressed in white sun dresses with an accompanying pair of straw sandals, were the third and fourth apostles respectively. Their names were Kira and Kyra, and they were inseparable twins, despite being created weeks apart.

Kira's playful pastel purple eyes met the cautious pastel purple eyes of her sister, both faces cursed cursed with an eternal red blush. That Kyra was always trying to kill her fun. Despite being identical twins, they did not have identical personalities. Kira was the eldest of the two. She was playful, and loved to hold her age above the head of Kyra. She also lacked any form of common sense. On the other hand, Kyra was intelligent, calm, and understanding. Kyra was often favored by the other apostles and by the Carn military, and it made Kira jealous. Despite Kyra's warning, however, Kira flicked the light switch to the room they had infiltrated. When the lights came on, every single detail of the small room came to life. The cracks in the black tiled floor, walls, and ceiling, the dim crimson lantern hanging from the roof, and the red light of the crimson coloured bars from the laser cell in the center of the room. Within this cell was what the curious apostle wanted to examine - the girl the newbie had been sent to capture, Rosaline Dian.

The subject was still unconscious, as Kira discovered after running over to peer into the cell. It was just as she had been told. This girl was very pretty. "Look! Look! Look at her white wings! They're like snow!" She pointed out enthusiastically to her sister as her finger shot out in the direction of the wings drooped over the girl's - who was lying on her stomach - back. Kyra did nothing but sigh and nod as she followed after her sister. In this light, the inhuman features of these two girls became more apparent. For starters, they both had long, dark purple, hairless, forked tails present slithering behind them through a holes in their dresses. Like Cress, they also possess elongated ears, though there were not nearly as long and pointy as his, and they also possessed a pair of tiny lumps on their heads that could be considered horns. As Kira grinned at her sister, the beastly fangs of a monster appeared. The most horrific feature of their heads, however, was that they both possessed a third eye positioned in the center above the other two. Kira's was blue, while Kyra's was red.

The two girls jumped with a start as the door slammed behind them. They turned to see Azyla Astrange, the second apostle, and their caretaker, leaning against the door with an indifferent look upon his emotionless face. Azyla was an apostle born from Wionus and Fionus, and this was represented by his large pair of feathered wings. The left wing was green, while the right one was blue, which also held true for his eyes. Physically, he looked around the age of eighteen. It was impossible to tell what he was wearing at this moment, since a black trenchcoat covered his entire body, conflicting with his short cut navy blue hair. "We have to leave..." He said, void of emotion, to the two girls as he reopened the door. Azyla rarely showed any emotion, which made him an excellent caretaker for the two girls, who loved to annoy others. The twins sighed before resigning to the boy they considered their big brother, and left the room.


Mistral snapped her fingers, releasing everyone from their trance. The fael girl stood up on solid ground once more, before proceeding to speak. "You now all have a mental bond with one another. You shall be able to communicate through thoughts with one another, and us faels can do the same." Her body began to glow green once more. "Now, I must permit Reid his body once more. I suggest you head towards the snowy nation of Beta if you wish to learn more about the crisis the world faces." The light then consumed the girl and cleared a few moments later, Reid left in her place.

"Ugh... what happened?" Reid muttered, holding his head. His eyes shot open as his memory came back to him. "Right. Mistral took control and made me a girl..." He shuddered before continuing. "ANYWAYS, what's our next plan of action?"

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