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    *Falls to the floor crying tears of pure joy*

    YEEHAW! I won something, and I get to be an 'uncontested Lord' of something, I'm so happy I could make a promotional banner... And I do believe I will! Get ready for edits later, peoples...

    But on topic, I'm happy you didn't count the vote I got for most annoying, or didn't Raichuchika's post deadline edits count, which I'm guessing they didn't. She only voted me annoying, because I voted her annyoing... Nah, I'm just kidddin', everyone has rights and reasons and whatnot...

    Me having my gender confused because of my love of Gardevoir, which was pretty much an obsession, to the extent of...

    "Hey, ever heard of Zaiku?"

    "Hm, you mean, that dude who always has a Gardevoir as his RP Pokemon?"

    "Wait, he's a dude?"
    At this stage, I expect,

    "Hey, ever heard of Zaiku?"

    "Do you mean... I LIEK MUDKIPZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!"



    *The two slowly compose themselves*

    Edit: ACC-M, you should edit this to the top...
    I LIEK MUDKIPZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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