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    Heh heh, I think the 'is this still gonna go on' was aimed at me XP...I had this tendancy of disappearing heh heh ;; Yeah, its still gonna go on, and if you could Dai, it would be cool to put this as a sign up thread, I'll create another for the actual RPG and another then for lessons, character and mission info.

    Just gonna do a quick check list and say who's been accepted thus far:

    Uzumaki_Naruto: Accepted
    Alter Ego: Accepted
    Archsage: Accepted (Fleur)
    Archsage: Accepted (Seth)
    Chibi-chan: Accepted
    Glajummy: Accepted
    Shiney: Accepted (Though I know, you wish to edit)
    JBCPeace: Accepted
    Shadow Yue: Accepted
    ACC-M: Accepted
    Hero of Time Link: Accepted
    Stardust-Kumo: Accepted (Even though you still need to change Phenia to Draconia)
    Mizuki: Accepted
    Random Fan: Accepted
    Rena: Reserved

    Rena: Your character so far is interesting, I hope you finish her RESERVED

    Okay, thats all good, everyone so far is accepted with one reservation =D

    Fire: Use the power of hot flames to physically attack your opponent. (JBCPeace, Spaces: 1)
    Ice: Use the power of snow and ice to freeze your enemies in they’re tracks. (Shadowfaith and Archsage Spaces: 0)
    Water: Use this watery power to drown your enemies and trap them. (Shiney, Spaces: 1)
    Earth: Use this strong power to crush your targets. ( Glajummy, Spaces: 1)
    Lightning: Use this energy to stun and shock those that oppose you. (Hero of time Link and Stardust-Kumo, Spaces: 0)
    Poison: Use this power to slowly damage your foes. (Mizuki, Spaces: 1)
    Psychic: Use this power to air your friends, read minds and pick up objects. (Alter Ego, Archsage, Spaced: 0)
    Air: Use this power to slash and cut at your foes flesh. (Random Fan and Chibi-chan, Spaces: 0)
    Dark: Use the shadows to do your bidding. (Shadow- Yue and ACC-M Spaces: 0)
    Light: Use your healing powers to aid friends and blind enemies. (Uzumaki Naruto and Rena Spaces: 0)

    Fafnir: Shadowfaith, Stardust-Kumo, Archsage (Sapces: 2)
    Orochi: Shiney, JBCPeace, ACC-M, Mizuki and Chibi-chan (Spaces: 0)
    Nidhogg: Alter Ego, Glajummy, Shadow Yue, Hero of Time Link and Random Fan (Spaces: 0)
    Coca: Uzumaki Naruto, Archsage, Rena (Spaces: 2)