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    OOC: I'll be short too, partially because I'm vomitting up pure acid. x.x

    I growled, my hand travelling to the hip-sheathe of my knife, not at all happy about some of the things she had told me. That's when I realised, I hadn't even gotten her name. "Min." "Thanks." I said aloud dryly, moving in towards the others. Instinctively, I selected one boy out of the crowd, a little shorter than me with spiky brown hair. I held out my hand, my right hand, obviously, towards him. "The name's Bobby Roze." I said, my face blank, but my tone distasteful. ot of him, though I couldn't exactly make that clear, but at the situation in general. "And it seems like I'm in on this jolly suicide scheme." I said, before checking my coat, shifting my shoulders to make sure my left arm was covered. After all, you didn't want to make your introduction to people by saying you were crippled. Then they just used you for meatshields. "Though I think I have only the barest udnerstanding of what exactly's going on."