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As if Villa had ever trembled more in her lifetime, she shook without restraint now, tears welling up in her eyes as she was engulfed in a wave of utter fear and terror. Though she feared almost all the other Apostles with equal passion, her fear in Velin suddenly increased ten-fold, while her fear of Cress decreased ten-fold. She reached out a shaking hand when Cress walked away without another notion, but though her fear of him had decreased, she had been so utterly frightened by Velin that she couldn't even think of calling out his name or title. And so she stood, before dejectedly dragging her sleeves along the floor, her long fingers and nails nearly touching the floor as she walked with her head bowed but her shoulders tall. It was like this that she walked back to her room, a simple room that was entirely white. Due to Villa's purpose to the apostles, she was permitted no distractions, certainly not in the place where she could think to herself. Thus, it was almost hard to make out where the lines of the furniture met or ended.

Sitting down on the end of her bed in this vast whiteness, Villa frowned, and knew that she had to think. This was her mission, her job, and failure was not well recieved.

'And what's you're name?' The girl with the teal hair asked cheerfully as she looked over the invisible person's application.

The girl nodded, and Villa strained to remember whether the faceless person had said something just then, 'But it sounds cooler when you say it out loud- that way, I won't make a fool of myself and say it wrong, right?'

Why was this little girl being so laid back?

Why shouldn't she be?

She was doing something important, Villa remembered. She remembered wondering why such a young girl was handling such an important matter.

But even this short recollection shut out Villa's lights as she lay sprawled across her bed, unconcious with a gruesome and tortured expression with her hands loosely clutching at the long white strands of hair.


"Well," Adela said, slapping Reid on the shoulder, (a little harder then just light jest, but not hard enough to hurt someone who wasn't a total pansy,) "Thanks, it's great to know that we who were awake would've been of no use saving Rosaline, and with your help, it would've been a breeze. Stop acting like a tragic-hero, it's not helping at all. Either way, the creeper said he was an Apostle of Tylonstus, and thus, we can safely assume that Rosaline and the freaky-guy are both in a place that harbors a freakish- excuse me," Adela added at the sight of Aertan's raised eyebrow, "Religious interest. What are we going to find at Beta? Snow? Yeti's?"

Alicel couldn't help but repeat Reid's words however, "Some stranger who could be a burden..." She mumbled as she glared at Aertan who ignored her to the fullest, saying in argument to Adela's headstrong theory, "With the vast amount of credit you Tealian's obviously give us, we've probably hidden those monsters right in the middle of town, so obviously, we don't need to find where they are, what they want, or who they are. As far as I'm concerned, as the preacher for my respective church, I've never heard of Tylonstus having any Apostle's. Certainly not apostle's as ugly as that demon-thing. So I'd imagine that their either, not in Carn, or, well hidden enough so that nobody's ever found them before. Sure thing, let's waltz right into Carn and ask them where their Apostles are." Aertan finished with a flourish of sarcasm, leaning back into his seat.

"I think we should just go, since we're not really accomplishing anything by sitting around here." Alicel snapped with obvious irritation toward the passage of speech between Aertan and Adela.

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