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"As much as I'd love to fight a charming gent such as yourself," Reid replied to Reece's challenge, his tone clearly mocking the other male's, while at the same time ignoring Adela for her remark, "We really don't have the time right now. If you're so inclined to prove yourself in such a manner, do it on the field. Just don't blame at me if you die." He turned bright red as his voice reached that feminine pitch Mistral had. Obviously, she wanted him to stop. Mistral was going to be a playful nuisance to him. "Sorry, couldn't resist~" She giggled in a much different mood than she had been in earlier, but broad casted this line mentally to the whole group. Reid coughed, his voice clearing back to it's normal tone. "ANYWAYS, I guess if we're planning on exploring Faewyn's theory, we should leave soon. I guess I'll leave everything to you, Faewyn." Reid said, looking at the girl with a glint of respect in his harsh eyes. "I've never been to Gregar myself, too cold. I guess you'll just have to be our guide then, huh? We should probably rest tonight and get prepared. Who knows how many of those apostles are out there? We need to find our friend..."

In the meantime, Mistral had invaded Adela's mind for one soul purpose. "Jeckt, Jeckt~" She called out playfully and randomly. "Are you planning on meeting me at any time, or were you planning on hiding yourself from me? We are to be wed, after all." Of course, since she was TECHNICALLY still Reid, and just projection herself into Adela's head, they could both hear what the two fael would be talking about.


As if on queue, a Carn soldier entered the strategy room carrying a paper, which Kyra automatically recognized as one of the papers the military used to assign orders. The man, despite being large, muscular, defined, and chiseled, shook ever so subtly once his eyes met up with the six eyes the twins had possession of. He held the paper out to Velin, and with a voice only a man suffering from fear could manage, explained the details listed on the sheet. "N-new information has arrived from our intelligence division involving the group Cress encountered earlier. They are a-apparently heading for Gregar, and have some sort of strange new power that Cress mentioned upon arriving back here. This group has now been marked a high level threat, and must be eliminated soon. Thus, HQ has decided to give you permission to take yourself and three of your best apostles to "rendezvous" with the group upon their arrival in Gregar. It is expected that they will arrive within two hours from this point in time." The man quickly shuffled out of the room, leaving the two girls to pin all eyes on Velin. Three of those, belonging to Kira, were full of hope, and it looked as if she was giving him puppy dog eyes. The other three eyes, like they normally were, seemed indifferent, although there was still a glint of hope in them.


"Get up, girl."

"...Huh... what?" The blue haired girl muttered as she finally came to on the cold, hard floor. She pushed herself up on to her knees, and began to look around. She was in a cell, that much was certain, and a very small cell indeed. The bars that made up the cage were lined with lionus, meaning if she tried to break out with her own mahstion, it would be useless. She jumped a little as a tray containing a meal of bread, chicken, and water flew at her from outside of the cage, directing her attention at the white and black haired monster from which the meal came. "Who are... what are you?"

"That's a little bit rude." Cress replied to Rosaline with little real interest in his voice. While he acted indifferent, this girl could actually be of some use later on. He rose his left arm into his view, a white bandage soiled with blood wrapped around the wound Velin had given him. "My name is Cress, I'm an apostle." The girl replied with a puzzled look on her face, giving Cress no choice but to take the time to explain the situation to her. "Listen, I don't know why they want you so bad, especially since you were born as a sacrifice..." He got up and opened the door, his back turned to the girl. "But don't worry, I won't let them kill you... yet." He slammed the door behind him, leaving Rozaline to cry. She was such a naive girl from the reports he received. Would she really be of any use? Only time would tell.

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