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    *Raises hand* me like Dragons...

    Name: Remmstein Kragen ((I just love calling them Remmstein so strong!))
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Species: Vampire (Like in Moonlight, not like in the books, if you need info just ask MOONLIGHT ROCKS!)
    Element: Fire
    House: Fafnir
    Description: Remmstein, has deep red hair and Burning purple eyes. ((or in two days whatever)), those eyes show absolutely nothing. He has not a wrinkle not a blemish on that perfect well tanned, super firm, super formed body of his. All 5'10", 170 lbs of it. Small freckles are the only imperfections on his skin, they travel along his back in the shape of a dragon, that is why he wants to be a dragon rider.
    Personality: Remmstein's personality was answered once when he was interviewed by a man claiming to wish to know the ways of the vampires. Remmstein said this, "Garlic, is good on pizza. Crussifixes, Holy water, they're good if you like that kind of stuff. Silver? Well, I have this gorgeous silver ring on my finger all the time, nothing has happened to me thus far. Sunlight, Hurts like... yesterday." In short, Remmstein tells the truth no matter how boring or unpleasant it may be. He is normally quiet so you might not hear from him at times or even know what he's up to until he's standing right next to you.
    History: Remmstein was born a vampire, as rare as he may be he does not expect any special treatment he knows that his very existence is a rarity but he doesn't like to much much of a fuss about it. He was born in the woods far away from anyone and anything. His mother raised him alone because his father was killed during the war between Vampires and Werewolves. All his life he has been taught to hate those flee bitten, drooling, immortal wannabes, and now he hates them more then ever.
    Weapon: A long black lance. about 17 feet long, and very heavy, for any normal human.
    Other: Naw. unless sexuality is an issue.

    Name: Anguine
    Gender: Male
    Description: Anguine I loves me a dragon that is still arriving when he gets there.
    Personality: Anguine is a very vain creature, he thinks that the only people that should be allowed to talk to him are beautiful people, he stick his nose up at anyone else. Of course what he thinks is beautiful might not be what you think is beautiful, if you even want him to look at you, it would be best to wear a Dragon Pendant made of solid gold, if it's gold plated he'll know and he'll try to freeze you with his Ice Breath. He enjoys only the finer things and will never eat anything that isn't perfectly seasoned, this makes Remmsteins job of feeding the great beast almost more then he can bear, of course, the friendship is well worth it. Anguine is a strictly friends for life kind of dragon.
    Other: Nope, except that he gets really bad crushes on all female dragons.

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