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Name: Venia Acies

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Element: Water

House: Coca

Description: Venia is relatively short, at 5'3'', and is of average weight. She has pale skin and long, sleek, forest green hair. There are (backwards if she's facing left) 'L' shaped strands of hair that extend an inch beyond her face right before her ears on either side of her face. They are held up by two aqua beads at the top of each strand. Her eyes are narrow and pupiless, with ice-blue irises. Around her neck is a golden ring, to which a pendant with a blue orb is attached. She wears a loose, long sleeved shirt, with a gradient purple going from light at the top to dark purple at the bottom. Venia has blue-dyed leather bands around her wrists which have a flowing, silvery, piece of cloth that is 3 feet long sewn to each. When Venia is walking, the cloth gently flows behind her, and if she is running, spinning, dancing, or if it is windy, the cloth expands to look like gossamer wings. Her pants are very long and baggy with the same gradient pattern as her shirt, and are held up by a rope made of the same material as her "bracelets" tied off at the side. For shoes, she wears simple woven sandals. Occasionally, she will wear a green scarf.

Personality: Venia has a very estranged personallity. She'll often be daydreaming or simply staring off in to space, and has a loose grip on reality. Venia generally can get along with people however, provided they don't mind her not paying attention to half of the things they say. Her personallity changes greatly when she's doing something that she finds entertaining, however, such as magic or fighting. Then she becomes very alert and moves with utmost grace and dexerity. She shows how clever she can be, and that she's a decent tactician. She wasn't put in Nidhogg for the fact that she doesn't show her clever side that often. One of her favorite things to do is put one hand on top of the other, wiggle her thumbs around, and say, "Awkward turtle."

History: Venia's parents were both caring and wealthy, and as such, Venia was raised very spoiled for most of her life. That changed, however, when her mother died. Her father decided to remarry, and while his new wife was beautiful on the outside, she was twisted on the inside. She had Venia's father spend more time on her than Venia, and Venia became to learn to value her friends, as she essentially lost both of her parents. Her personallity had always been aloof, but her step-mother hadn't helped that at all. Her best friend is currently her dragon, Valkus, who has sort of become Venia's outgoing side.

Weapon: Despite having the water element, she carries a weapon called "Gaea's Whirlwind", which looks like a normal scythe, except for the fact that the pole is petrified wood, and there are vines growing on it. (Scythes seem to be somewhat popular here. D: )

Other: Venia posseses a beautiful, musical voice, and is skilled at singing. She's also able to pick up just about any kind of instrument and be able to figure it out in a couple hours, if not minutes. Her favorite type of intruments are strings, as she'll often start playing and singing simultaniously.


Name: Valkus

Gender: Male

Description: Here ya go. ((I actually didn't feel like drawing something myself today. Which is wierd for me.)) In his smaller form, he looks like a foot-long lizard-version of himself. He'll generally sit on Venia shoulder in his smaller form.

Personality: Very unlike Venia, Valkus is very attentive and has an excellent memory. In fact, he's so easily amused, he actaully sat around one day and started watching paint dry. He tends to help Venia remember things, as well as sharing Venia's interest in combat and magic. His attitude towards others is somewhat obnoxious or awkward, although he's just trying to make new friends for Venia. He's generally looking out for Venia and acting in her best interest. Occasionally, he'll start ranting, or maybe even have a violent outburst, but he's usually very tolerant.

Other: Valkus is severely arachnaphobic. (scared of spiders)