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    i had a problem with searching for palettes on APE everytime i tried searching it sed no palette found so i was able to find my palettes in 2 different ways. this is for any1 also having trouble with the APE and the search function. first i search for the colors in the palette in the order they belonged the 2nd way was i opened up OWE found the OWs palette i wanted to edit the i imported my own OW and checked the box Import Palette then i saved it. i opened up APE searched for the colors the i used on my custom OW i imported and it worked and i got the offset numbers. i know i probably wrote a horrible mini tut but if any body needs palette offset numbers to Emerald, FR or LG then just pm or i will try and make a new thread to request palette offset numbers for those who have trouble with APE or dont know how to search for it using hex