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On commas, I'm sorry, but I'll have to be difficult again. ; If the dialogue tag occurs in the middle of a sentence, yes, a full stop should be after it. Otherwise, if it occurs between two different sentences, the full stop indicates that you're not attempting to create a run-on. (As in, if you removed the quotation marks, the comma after the former sentence would change into a period. So, for example, one piece would read: Very nice. Looks home-made. As opposed to: Very nice, Looks home-made. Although it could probably be either way, though I intended on it being the former.)

On the usage errors (e.g. "swear" instead of "could swear"/"swore"): I think I might've been high while actually writing and/or proofreading the thing. O_o I'm not sure how I missed all those, and I'd like to say thanks for pointing those out.

On "as of current": I tend to say it all the time, but I'm also known for saying weird things that most people don't actually say. XD So, I'll have to correct that.

On the tenses of the encyclopedia articles: Definitely an error. Thanks for pointing that out. ;

In general: Thanks for your comment. I was a bit worried that I was smacking the reader over the head with information with this chapter, but general consensus (i.e. along with reviews from other boards) is that I'm not. I think. O_o

In any case, the lack of reviews could possibly be because I don't PM people to ask for reviews, and this fic so far is pretty effing long. XD I mean, when I talk about my fic with friends, they usually end up apologizing and saying they just don't have time to sit down and read it, and the only reason why I have time to actually write it is because I take my computer with me to class and pretend that I'm paying attention.

Anyway, thanks for the review and for sticking with me for so long.
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