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    Your hack looks really good
    Thanks, I like the IceStorm Too!

    Amazingly done!

    I love the story and the palletes in the PKMN Center!

    Keep it up and wishing you for the best!
    Thanks, I'm happy that your enjoying the game!

    Really nice tiles, you should make a video or something of your scripting since you can obviously dominate a ROM.
    Well, I'm planning the Starter Script, (at Route 1), when I'm finished, I will make a Video. On BETA's Eve, I will release an Official Trailer. I have to tell you that there are somethings that I don't dominate of a ROM. Things such as:
    • Music Editting (I have'nt tried to do this)
    • ASM Editing (Things for programming the game)
    • Some Advanced Sripts (Like the ones for the Final BETA.)
    • That's all

    Nice work of putting FR tiles on ruby.
    I don't know but nice style of mapping im looking forward to see more from you (Iv'e been looking in SP st this)
    Good luck
    Well, the mapping Style of my own is based on a Variety Factor, but it will always look like the idea. (A Fan-Fic will be writed at BETA 3 release.)
    Are you registered on SP? I haven't saw you on the Forums.

    Great palletes, nice mapping... Story is confusing, probably because of the several grammar mistakes XD
    I like the pokémon center a lot too Good Luck!

    EDIT: It's kind of obvious, but you should mention that it's a hack of ruby. or is it emerald??
    Sorry for the mistakes, but I don't like to use a traductor, so I practice my Written-English. Hack was originally on Ruby, and so it is this one.

    I love the palletes and the storyline and everything!
    Hope i too can help you and i hope you get far with this!
    Since this is my best game ever, (and the final I will create), I will plan to not to leave the Proyect till the Final Version. I have promised me to be the next one to finish a Proyect. (Like Baro, creator of Pokemon Quartz & Marble).

    Well, this is gonna be a good hack, Good Luck!
    This is my first post on PC, I'm Dark2552.
    Welcome Dark2552, I'm new here too, but you will see grammar mistakes from me because I'm Mexican.

    yay 3rd post!!! This is a great hack. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread.

    Keep up the good work
    Okay, I will also keep updated the Thread.

    w00t second post(technically third)..looks awesome..keep it up cant wait till beta (i dunno if alpha is english or not...hope he makes it english)
    I have programmed to make Alfas on Spanish, and Betas in English. This is because I will lose the same time on traducing the game to Spanish that making Maps, and Scripts like the BETAS. (It's a big work.)

    wooooo! first to comment! amazing blend of tiles from all advanced version tiles, the pallettes work well with the great mapping you do, keep it up! i wish you the best!
    Well, I will change more tiles while time is passing, but these tiles are the one's I will be using on the First Beta. I really have to thank you for the sprite you made me on PHO. That will appear on BETA 1 & 3.

    Well, I will bring a screen of the New Tree for the PokeCenter, but I will need you to post! Thanks!

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