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Originally Posted by ~Wave View Post
Well, I will change more tiles while time is passing, but these tiles are the one's I will be using on the First Beta. I really have to thank you for the sprite you made me on PHO. That will appear on BETA 1 & 3.

Well, I will bring a screen of the New Tree for the PokeCenter, but I will need you to post! Thanks!
Originally Posted by ~Wave View Post
Well, I'm planning the Starter Script, (at Route 1), when I'm finished, I will make a Video. On BETA's Eve, I will release an Official Trailer. I have to tell you that there are somethings that I don't dominate of a ROM. Things such as:
  • Music Editting (I have'nt tried to do this)
  • ASM Editing (Things for programming the game)
  • Some Advanced Sripts (Like the ones for the Final BETA.)
  • That's all

no problem spritings what i do and im glad to help, i have tried music inserterting
however ive only inserted Dp music and i acheived and learned to do it yesterday!

but here's a video to prove it..if you want it in your hack just ask XD

it works best in fire red though but il practice ruby, for a while

heres a fire red video of the music

EDIT: i can do "DP trainer battle music" for ruby with a few beeps..but it still sounds great! almost exactly the same as DP

here's DP music in ruby

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