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Originally Posted by JBCPeace View Post
I think the reason people dont want to do starting trainer stories is because they want to start out with really powerful pokemon instead of small rookies. Most people will normally give you an excuse that it makes it more available for a plot but I disagree and think that having a starter trainer story gives it more plot and makes it longer
In my experience, people avoid them because they tend to be hosted by clueless N00Bs and consequently lack a point. It sure as heck isn't the weak pokémon, because I made my RPers in Neo Genesis start out from rock bottom with newborns and I was still swamped with sign-ups. xD

Yeah, it's more an issue of the plot (or more often lack thereof). Also, keep in mind that the pokémon journey is a signature plot of clueless newbies so there may be biases against it. I'm sure a well-written one with a bit of focus to it will work, though. :3 (I know I'd be up for one if it's up to scratch in terms of quality)
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