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    I'm soft resetting for Kyogre and looking for some good Dittos, currently. They refuse to have flawless SAtk with the desired nature...

    I don't mean to gloat, but when shiny Kyogre appears on my Sapphire, I'll be pretty ready for it. My shiny Scizor is up first, and it should be able to get Kyogre down to 1 HP in 3 turns unless I get a critical hit, which is even better. Depending on how much Calm Minds Kyogre has at the time, I will either sacrifice my shiny Charizard or switch straight to Ducky ("my" Golduck, my cousin bred it and traded it to me as a present). It will then put Kyogre to sleep with Hypnosis. While Kyogre is asleep, Ducky will CM up so that Ice Beam and Hydro Pump do squat. It can also use Flash () so that Kyogre misses most of its attacks. From there, I'll just keep making it fall asleep with Hypnosis until it is captured in a Net or Nest Ball. I really wouldn't mind catch it in a Master Ball either since shiny Kyogre actually matches with the Master Ball's opening animation.

    I'll resume soft resetting for Bulbasaur once I'm done with a new batch of Ditto. Resets for Bulbasaur will be done simultaneously with Kyogre. Good luck, everyone.

    Credit goes to ShinysHunters Forum for the image.

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