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i have beat the elite four and was looking round Wayward cave, mostly because i wanted an earthquake tm for Dialga, i might actually, concentrate on its speed in ev training o0.

Now as i was leaveing the cave i entered a battle with gible, i already caught one as i was wandering around for the eartquake tm so yeah Garchomp for me

What was startling is the fact the gible was in fact shiny, and im battling it right now, recording the battle on my phone, video will be up shortly.

I am getting my friends torterra in exchange for my infernape so i can start hatching Turtwigs and hopefully get one in shiny like i orriginally planned when it was revealed Congratsulations on your new shinies and good luck in all hunts.

Gibbo, i would chain pidgy its golden when shiny o0

EDIT: Video is up on youtube
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