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    Ehh...totally my bad about the commas. (I swear, it's always the commas that get me. >.<) Must have been having a grammatical blonde moment when I wrote that. xD


    Originally Posted by Jax Malcolm View Post
    There's nothing to worry about, ma chéri.
    I don't have a French grammar book at hand to back this up with, but I'm ninety-five percent sure that 'chéri' is only used if the person in question is male. Seeing as how Viola is female, I believe that should be 'chérie' since French nouns denoting a person always have different forms for masculine and feminine. (Standard is that the feminine has an 'e' at the end and masculine doesn't) But you know, it's been three years since I studied French so I might be mistaken on this one.

    Originally Posted by Jax Malcolm View Post
    Do you know what the prize is, mon ami?
    Now this I do remember. A female friend is 'amie' rather than 'ami'. For pronounciation purposes, the article is the same as for masculine, though. :3

    Anyways, I can't fault any of your English in this chapter so on to the subjective stuff.

    A bit of a lighter chapter this time around. (or is that just my imagination?) There's a lot of fun stuff here Viola's escape attempt really made me laugh in front of my screen (quite a rare occurrence) and the little episode with the master was fun too, as was her first encounter with Orsino. xD That and I love the way Viola is so smart but so ignorant about things others take for granted at the same time; a very interesting combination of traits that definitely makes her my favourite character in this fic, though I'll have to admit to being partial to Orsino as well. (His remark about Viola's way of speaking was priceless)

    Aaaand I've got to admit that Viola's improvised analysis looked very convincing, bull**** or no. xD Good job on that one.

    Overall, I enjoyed the chapter (Now there's something I've never said before, huh? *Shot*) and the plot just seems to be getting thicker. Also, as noted in some fashion above, there are plenty of great lines here.

    Yeah, I think that's about it for now. 'Til the next chapter, then. Good luck with NaNoWriMo.
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