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Hey all. It is..was me, Charizard13. Some people might remember me, but I don't think so. I have been gone on an "extended vacation" for over a year, but I have returned. Though I'm sure no one cares (LOL). Anyway, I hope to once again participate in all the fun things this site has to offer...that sounded corny, yes, but truly I will be in the RPG Forum a lot, so look for me. I think my mucked thing is still there, but I doubt it.

Have a nice day,
Long ago, there was once a Charizard who belonged to a forum. Everyone knew this Charizard. Then, one day, he disappeared. No one knew where he went, and everyone soon forgot about him. Then one day, he returned, bigger, stonger and a year older. He was now...

My team of RS/PC hyper-Pokemon=
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