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    ~PokeROM Hacking Incorporated~


    We are PokeROM Hacking Inc. We are here to make great hacks that people will like to play. The hacks we do are going to look professional and take work to make, so if you aren't a dedicated individual, this is not the place for you. We will hack mostly FR/LG ROM files but there is a chance that we may hack R/S.


    If you would like to join, please fill out this form.

    Proof of work:


    Shadow Byte(myself)- Scripter, Mapper
    PoketronHacker- Scripter, Mapper
    xx1hacker1xx- Mapper


    Pokemon Carbon (PM for Userbar)


    ~If you're applying, please have more skills than just mapping, we don't need a lot of mappers.
    ~Don't post if you have no proof of work. This includes posts like "Sorry, but I haven't uploaded my proof yet".
    ~All employees must have a banner or a Userbar in their signature.

    PM me if you want to help.

    Hack Name: Pokemon Carbon

    Current Team: Just me (Recruiting)

    Someone to give this picture a pixel-over and to put it onto the title screen of my hack: