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Originally Posted by ProfEich

I'm 16 years old and I'm living in Germany.
I like Pokmon since about 3-4 years. My favorite Pokmon is currently Celebi.

I do web design and like to program games.

I really would like to program a pokmon game but there is noone I know, who can make graphics for games
I even could program a gameboy advance game. But also 2D and 3D for PC.

Don't know what else I could say..

Oh yes! Sorry about my veeery bad english xD :dead:

well: Hello everybody
awww... i'm jealous of you. You can actually make your own games?

I wish i can too... i have to rely on RPG Maker at the moment... if only i can program a gameboy advance game... *daydreams*

welcome to PC! Hopefully you'll have a fun time here!
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