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    Originally Posted by Samuel.Olu View Post
    I like that, im using Darkkage lol, Thanks everyone
    I named my Gengar Hendrix, lmao. When I caught it as a Ghasty I named it PURPL HAZE or something, but that looked dumb so I changed it to Hendrix.

    Other nicknames really depend on what I'm doing at the time, lol. Like if I'm listening to music or something.

    Torterra - Ultrabrite (The brand of toothpaste I use :D)
    Donphan - Conrad (I had just seen Bye Bye Birdie)
    Steelix - Bustello (song I was listening to)
    Dunsparce - Marimba (I was putting off practicing for band, lmao)
    Ledian - Silver (In rememberance of the shiny one I failed to catch in Silver )
    Cherubi - Mary Jane (Because it's number is 420 lmao)
    Delibird - Oscar (Don't they just look like an Oscar?
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