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Hai guyz. Same old stuff keeping me away. I've read all the posts but don't really want to answer any questions or admit anyone. It's best to let whomever's been active (LDD?) around here take care of admitting members to avoid having something terrible happen.

I'm currently giving all my third-gen shinies lower case nicknames, re-cloning, and importing them. Frig, it takes so long trading all of them to Emerald for cloning, then to their appropriate games for nicknaming! I'm also changing the names on a few of them and keeping extras for gimmicky purposes. Among the name changes, my Ludicolo is now J-Lo. I can't validly give my Camerupt (Nanaimo) a lowercase nickname, so I'm going to apply a slight "white hat" hack to accomplish this. It's only a clone I'm hacking, anyway.

I've taken a break from chaining Lunatone to go chain some *****. I'll probably come back to Lunatone some time. Maybe come the next blue moon.

Names for a shiny Zangoose... How about Macbeth? Those claws are murderously bloody! >=]


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