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It HAS been a long week since my comp broke down and I was unable to post, thus with the aid of a very useful place called the LIBRARY, I am able to get in touch with the internet, that is, for now -.-

Here's an update: After I get my comp fixed, I will post the pics of my snubull which I had promised to post quite a while ago

I've got 7 Cubones (Shiny, duh) from Route 203 (spent the last 6 days on them)
It took me 3 chains of -- 3,1,3 cubones each, and I reseted the clocks of my ds'es for 6 whole days! Pics comin, once my comp gets fixed -.-

I've got an Absol Swarm now, and I'm gonna hunt for it right after this post

Well, I have missed many of your posts, so to all those who got new shinies congratz to you in general
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