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All righty, here is the second chapter! Sorry for the wait, everyone! I had been busy studying for my midterms and one of my beta readers was busy. Also, sorry in advance if this chapter is a bit rushed. I wanted to get this chapter posted as it has been a bit since the last chapter update. That, and also I will be even more busy tomorrow and for the next couple of weeks. Ack, my schedule is quite hetic. >.> Promise I will try to make chapter three better.

Anways, enjoy the chapter! Oh, almost forgot. Thanks to Hanako Tabris and Saphira_Thorn for betaing!

Chapter Two: The Things They Carried
The festivities continued as the afternoon rolled on. The crowds got bigger and louder, with more people coming in. Cheers and claps could be heard from the tournament, the audience reacting to every move. Bunny’s battle against Chris Knotty, a red haired man in an armor suit, was already in progress.

Balin already had many bruises and scratch marks on him while his opponent's furry brown and white fur was only dirty with a few brunt ones. The Ninetales stared at the Linoone’s big eyes in full focus while the other Pokémon wiggled his tiny nose and then smiled.

"All right, Linoone, now for Fury Swipes!" Chris commanded.

The raccoon Pokémon stared at his trainer, grinned, and then dashed towards the Ninetales. In an instant, Linoone began swiping Balin with his claws. The fire type closed his eyes and cried in pain.

While watching that scene, Bunny started biting her nails. Only a couple minutes in and she was already losing. Her Pokémon’s screams made her anxiety worse, so she bit her nails faster.

Should I call off the battle or not? I do not want my Pokémon to get seriously injured, but then the crowd would be disappointed. Ugh, me getting nervous with crowds.

At the stands, while many people were cheering, Violet sighed disappointedly and then shook her head.

This is not going so well for Bunny. She needs to do something or else Balin is in serious trouble. Also, hope her nervousness won't be too much of a problem.

After the attack was over, the Linoone sprinted a few steps back and then chuckled at his opponent. Bunny glanced at the normal type and then at her Pokémon. She bit her lip when she saw Balin close his eyes and his body slightly trembling.

I do not care about the crowds any more! I am going to call off the battle!

The woman was about to open her mouth until she saw the Ninetales open his eyes. Despite injury marks everywhere and breathing very deeply, Balin glanced at Bunny and smiled, as if he knew already that she wanted to call the battle off. The woman gasped when she saw a glow of determination in his eyes. Somehow, that made Bunny calmer, thus she nodded and then smiled.

I must think of an attack to use. I can do this!

"Balin, Iron Tail!" Bunny ordered in a more confident tone.

The Ninetales ran towards his opponent and then his glowing tails slammed onto the Pokémon’s body. The raccoon Pokémon fell down, but soon after slowly got up while panting. His blue eyes glanced at Balin, burning with revenge.

Bunny grinned. She now thought she might win this. Confidence rampaged through her mind.

Cannot believe Balin can handle blows that well sometimes. Maybe I can be able to go to Round Two!

At the stands, the crowd whistled in great approval and cheered louder than before. Violet smiled, quite satisfied at the turn of events.

"All right! Now, use Flamethrower!"

"Go through the Flamethrower and then use Headbutt!" Chris commanded in an assured tone.

The Ninetales released a stream of flames that was going towards the Linoone, but the rushing Pokémon went through the attack and then rammed into Balin.

"Nine!" the Ninetales screamed before he fell down on the ground.

"Haha, good work!" Chris cheered.

What the?

Bunny’s eyes went wide and she bit her bottom lip, anxiety pounding her head once again. When she glared at Chris, his smile made her even more nervous.

Why is he always so confident?

"Now for a Thunderbolt!"

"Get up and then use Shadow Ball!" Bunny yelled in a fearful tone. She was not sure if that would work, but knew something must be done in order to win this fight.

The Linoone’s fur faintly glowed yellow and then electricity exploded. Before the attack hit Balin though, he got up and dodged. The Ninetales unleashed a green ball, which then hit the Linoone’s body. After the normal type screamed, Balin chuckled and grinned.

"Yes!" Bunny said with her hand up in the air. "Finish off with Fire Blast!"

The Ninetales let loose a flame shaped like the letter X and was going towards the Linoone in rapid speed. Bunny glanced at Chris, whose smile grew bigger.

Wonder what next attack he has in mind now.

"Hyper Beam!" Chris yelled with poise.

The Linoone emitted a very bright beam from his mouth. The Hyper Beam was going towards the Ninetales at a faster speed then the Fire Blast.

Hyper Beam? Both of the Pokémon might get hurt!

Bunny knew Hyper Beam was one of the most powerful attacks a Pokémon can learn. That and Fire Blast colliding together could spell trouble. Her mouth began to tremble at the thought of that.

Both the fiery X and the white beam smashed together and then an explosion occurred. Puffs of smoke came out and then everyone either gasped or stayed silent with eyes wide open. Violet's eyes blinked rapidly and her thumb touched her bottom lip. Her heart began drumming in slow but loud beats.

Hope Balin is alright.

When the aftermath of the collusion faded, Balin was on the ground while the Linoone grinned and still stood strong. His breaths were loud and his fur was dirty, though.

"Winner, Chris’s Linoone!"

While Chris picked his Pokémon up and hugged him, Bunny went towards her Pokémon and lifted his head. She felt her breath getting louder but thinner. A single tear gushed down on her cheeks.

"Balin, are you okay?" Bunny asked in a whisper.

Please be all right, please be all right, please be all right…

The Ninetales slowly opened his eyes and then smiled.

"Tales!" he said weakly and then licked Bunny’s face.

The woman smiled and then quickly glanced at the Linoone. She sighed in relief, glad both Pokémon were okay.

Everyone suddenly whistled, clapped, and cheered, all very glad of the result of the battle. Violet sighed in relief and smiled, not minding Balin's loss. She then got out of her seat and sprinted downstairs.

"Okay Balin, I need to take you to the Pokémon Center."

Balin yelped in a happy tone. Bunny took out the Ninetales’s Pokèball and returned him. She then left the battlefield and saw Violet already out of the stage and waiting for her.

"That was really good, Bunny! See, you are a great battler! You looked nervous there, though."

Bunny chuckled and then said, "I am not that great. Seems Chris has been through a few Pokémon Leagues. Don‘t worry, I am better now."

Violet nodded and then said, "I guess we should go to the Pokémon Center now, right?"

Bunny nodded and then the two walked away from the tournament, the crowds cheering while the next battle was going on.



Shoot, another puddle of water.

He bolted as fast as he could. His heart kept beating faster and faster and he was always looking back and forth. The right hand was tucked under the pockets of his tan colored coat.


He looked down and saw mud all over his new shiny boots.

Damn, another one!

Even though his surroundings were a blur to him while running, the man saw glimpses of the city in the night life. All of the buildings were closed except for the Jubilife TV Station and a few bars. On the ground, he saw confetti, broken bowls, and even blood. When he glanced at the moon, he groaned.

Wished for the night to go away.

He took deeper breaths. The man felt as if someone was strangling him, but knew he would need it.

I have to call her, NOW!


"Hello, Officer Banks here…a DUI? Okay, got that!"

Inside the blue colored walls of the police station, almost everyone had his or her hands tied. There were many phone calls from citizens and police, which mostly dealt with drunks disturbing the peace and DUIs. Police officers kept coming in and out of the buildings, most entering with a troublemaker or two. Many cops were also busy with paperwork. One blue-haired officer’s phone would not be off the hook anytime soon.

"Hello, this is Officer Jenny…a couple of people vandalizing your shop? Okay, a couple of officers will have a look at that."

The female officer hung up on the phone and then wrote something on her notepad. After she finished, another officer, a black-haired male who did not look too fat or too skinny, waved to her. His brown eyes shone with delight and he grinned, the cheeks almost a pinkish color.

"Hello, Timmy," Jenny said while staring at his almost square-shaped face.

"Hi. Hey, do you think you can have a look at this case?" Timmy said while waving a blue note with his skinny fingers.

After Timmy handed her the note, she looked through it and then nodded.

"Hey, Jenny, when can…"

"I don’t like to be called Jenny," the female officer Jenny said with a sly smile. "I am not like my sisters and cousins, you know. Ella, remember?"

Timmy coughed and then said in an embarrassed tone, "Um, right, Ella. Anyways, do you want some coffee?"

Jenny shook her head and then said, "No, thanks. Sweet of you to ask, though."

Timmy coughed again but he began to blush. Officer Jenny did not notice his red cheeks, however. She was busy looking at the note.

I shouldn’t have asked her out like that just yet! Tonight is a busy night. Maybe next time I will tell her how I feel about her.

"Okay. Well, I will go make a few calls. I’ll be at my desk if you need me. See you later!"

Timmy waved to her good bye and then the female officer was about to get back to work until her cell phone suddenly rang.

Huh? Note to self: turn off cell phone while at work.

Despite that though, she answered the phone with a heavy sigh.

"Sweetie!" the voice said urgently.

Jenny gasped when she heard that voice that called her earlier. That made her insides flip.

"What the? Why you again?" she asked in a hissed tone, not wanting to create a commotion.

"I am being chased by someone! Please help me! And don’t forget what I told you this morning!"

Jenny’s eyes blinked and then rolled. She had a de ja vu feeling splashing in, her mind taking her back on that phone call. Annoyed of this repeated event, her fingers began drumming on the desk.

After she sighed heavily, the officer replied, "Okay…like before, I am confused. Can you tell me what is going on?"

"Sorry, can’t! Just do what I say! All will be revealed in due time!"

Jenny shook her head violently and her head began to spill with raged thoughts. No turning back to go to think it over.

DAMN HIM! Why is he always like that? Can’t he just say the truth for once?

She just wanted to say those thoughts aloud. For now, the officer kept it inside, afraid she might scare him away. Jenny wanted answers, she was very greedy for them.

"Look...I cannot help solve your problem unless…"

The phone hung up before she managed to finish it off.

"…you tell me".

For a few seconds she stared at the phone and then slowly gripped it harder.

Second time this happens today. He thinks I am going to help him, even if all he says is "Just help me!" For once, I wish he would tell me something that he isn’t keeping as a secret.


It was quiet inside the Jubilife Museum, except for the snoring of a security guard. The building’s glass ceiling had made the bright full moon reveal the paintings and artifacts inside. The necklaces, orbs, and weapons shined intensely, as if they were engulfed in white flames. The paintings suddenly had glitter put onto them.

All of a sudden, someone’s foot stomped on the marbled floor. The person had his right hand inside the pocket of his long coat and whipped off the sweat from his forehead with his left hand. He stopped in an instant when he saw a painting and smirked.


The man took out a purple marker from his coat pocket and wrote something down on the painting. Apparently, no words could be seen when he finished writing it. The man then went up the stairs. His breathing was harsh and wheezy. He took a quick look at the security guard, who was still asleep.

Must be a heavy sleeper.

When he made it to the second floor, his eyes scanned the ground, and then ran towards the middle. He took out his marker and noted something on the ground. Like what happened to the painting, no words could be seen to the naked eye.

If I die, she will see this eventually. If I don’t, then I can at least show this to her and then instantly show her the rest…

For a while, the man stared down at the ground. He knew what he wrote might be unnecessary, but he was not taking chances. That writing was just in case something might happen to him.

The man was about to go back downstairs until he saw his worst fear.

In front of him, there was a man with a black jazz-like hat. There were wrinkles around his light blue eyes and his forehead. The gray suit and pants made him look like a businessman, but he was not one.

"Jacob!" the man yelled. He choked when that name soared out of his mouth.

"Ernest," Jacob said softly. "You think I am going to hurt you?"

"Yes," Ernest said nervously. His body began shaking and he was not able to control it. "I know what you want from me! It’s those things, huh?"

Jacob said nothing but just smiled and then nodded.

"Look, I am not giving them back!" Ernest yelled. Some spit attached on the man’s face.

Jacob sighed and then wiped the spit away. He thought the inside of his body felt colder.

"I knew you would say that."

"Go ahead, hurt me. Still, I will not tell you where they are. When I am gone, your search will be worth nothing."

Ernest spread out his arms, letting any target get to him. When he saw that, Jacob chuckled and shook his head.

"Ernest, again I am not going to hurt you. I am the one that should be hurt since I will keep nagging you about it," Jacob said with a tiny smile. The tone of his voice was of careful thought, of hidden deception.

Half of Ernest’s body went back a little bit. He knew that Jacob was right, that the pestering would stop if he were to be hurt. On the other hand, his reputation will be ruined.

Never heard of an archeologist committing a crime. My career would go downhill if I hurt Jacob. Over my dead body, then!

"Well, whoever gets hurt, I am not giving away where they are," Ernest said while lifting his chin up.

Jacob thought the coldness took hold of his body more than ever. He thought his friend would co-operate after three years. Boy, was he wrong.

"You know what, Jacob, the more I think about it, the more I realized that you actually want them for yourself," Ernest continued. "I am one hundred percent."

The flames suddenly melted the coldness inside Jacob’s body, but also confusion came of it. Now his mind froze.


"The things you said in the past, you did that so that you can get them," Ernest said in a soft but positive tone. "I think you really wanted it for yourself!"

"What?" Jacob asked again, fury and bewilderment inside him almost to the boiling point. "I do not get what you mean!"

"You heard me! You wanted what I discovered, you wanted it all to yourself! That is why I hid them from you! JUST SAY SO, YOU DAMN IDIOT!"

That was when Ernest crossed Jacob’s boiling point. Automatically, Jacob punched Ernest’s head, which then made him fall down the stairs. Each time he fell down the thumps got louder and harder. When Jacob did not hear the crushing noises any more, he felt coldness inside his heart.

"Ernest, are you all right?"

No sound.

Jacob’s mouth shuttered when he heard nothing. Realization hit him hard, more than Ernest’s fall.

No…he can’t be!

He was about to go downstairs to check to see if Ernest was fine, but then heard someone’s voice.

"Huh? Who’s there?"

Jacob quickly hid behind a statue of the legendary Pokémon Suicune nearby. The beautiful dog Pokémon with flowing ribbons on her body and some sort of crystallized sphere on her head took his breath away. He smiled at it, already forgetting about what had happened to Ernest. Underneath the statue, there was some writing, which Jacob read inside his head:

Suicune, the Legendary Pokémon of Johto
Tames the northern winds, purifies the gentle water
Believed to create the clean Johto waters

So that was whom the people of Johto believed causes the creation of water, Jacob thought in amazement. In truth, he knew about Suicune, but had never seen that Pokémon in real life, or at least a life-size replica of it. He turned his gaze away from the Suicune statue when he heard the guard’s voice.

"Oh my gosh, he could be dead!"

Jacob felt as if his heart stopped thumping, his focus back on Ernest. His worst fear became true. He bit his lip very tightly, and blood almost came out.

Dead? DEAD? I really didn’t mean to do that. I must get out of here while I still have a chance!

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Jacob ran as fast as he could and managed to make it outside the museum. The guard did not notice anything, as he was too busy calling 911.


Back at the police station, it was still quite busy. Disturbing the peace were more calls from citizens and police rummaging through them. Officer Jenny did not answer any phone calls as something went through her mind.

Maybe he is in a rush. Now these days time seems to matter to everyone. Still, he kept everything secret…unless, he is forced or has no choice but to have to?

Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt a tap in the shoulder. She turned around and saw the same male officer whom left a note to her an hour ago.

"Oh, hello Timmy. Done with that vandalizing shop case?" Jenny asked with a gigantic smile. Seeing Timmy was a rush of relief to her.

"Yep," Timmy said with a grin. A blush bloomed on his cheeks, but it was too small for Jenny to see. "However, I think you will like this one, and it is not from the Fair aftershock. There was a break in case at the Jubilife History Museum."

Jenny’s eyes went wide with excitement and her smile became larger.

"Really? He or she must have picked the right time to come in, then. I heard the security cameras aren’t working now at the moment because of a few Rattata eating the wires."

"Yeah, but this is a weird one. The security guard said that he found a body lying still on the floor. Also, when the paramedics arrived, they pronounced him dead. And oh, his name is Ernest Norrison."

The woman’s smile faded away in an instant and her mouth became spacious. She felt her world turn upside down.

Timmy stared at her with his right eye wider than his left. He could tell something was definitely wrong while looking at her.

"Hey, are you okay?"

The blue-haired officer shook her head and then said, "Huh? Um…yeah. So, what are we going to do over there?"

"We are going to question the security guard and then check in some possible clues."

Jenny said nothing more but nodded. Inside her head, though, there was a haze of confusion. Part of her wanted to mourn the loss of Ernest. Part of her wanted to just dance the whole night away.

The male officer was not satisfied by her answer. His eyes blinked speedily and he looked at Jenny for a long time before he smiled back, though it was a fake one.

Wonder what is going on in Ella’s mind. Maybe that is none of my business. Hope she will be okay soon.


Hehe, someone else besides Brock likes Jenny! XD

Here is a bit of a new feature. Each time there are a few scenes similar to "Da Vinci Code", I will do a quick compare/contrast thing in spoliers ( for those that hadn't read the book yet ). Also, sorry in advance if I wrote anything wrong. Has been a bit since I read the book. XD I did this to show the differences between this story and the book and how I am trying my best to make it my own.

-All right, one of first similarities is the museum. Originally, I was thinking of having it in the Canalave Library, but for some odd reason, it won't work out. XD Yeah, I could have use the museum where you get the first badge on D/P, but...that won't work either. XD
-One of my main irks on the book is how they didn't do much depth on the policemen. So yeah, going to try my best to do that (and not make it cliche O.o). Remember Timmy's crush on Jenny? That will be important later on.
-There are a few more stuff, but will say those things as the story progresses
-The second difference is there is no albino man that is doing the job for someone else. XD

Again, hope you guys enjoy the chapter! Hope to get the third chapter posted sometime next month!
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