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    I have voted up for 5 choices.

    'Slow or too few regular updates' That I hate! I mean, if you get on the board and start making a game, you should have enough time for and, and dedication.

    'Misspellings in game' Another important part of making a game is grammar/orthography. It can be a fan game, but that doesn't mean it can look unprofessional; it's better to aim for the best and make it look professional.

    'They never get finished' Well, this is the same as the first one, people need dedication! If you won't finish the game, don't start it.

    'Poorly planned projects' I already mentioned making the game look professional. This can't be achieved if you just start mapping and scripting with a poorly planned project. Just take your time and open up a Word document, to start planning the story line/events, the characters and their personalities, etc, everything a good game needs. And finally:

    'Fake Pokemon' You have to accept it: Not everyone is good making those. Most of them just look horrible and not well proportionated. Every time I see a game is being made with fake Pokemon, I just turn and never look back to it.