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    Originally Posted by Gibbo View Post
    Caught in a 3rd gen game, or by chaining on a 4th gen?
    Try it be specific when you describe your shinies for you may not be admitted.
    Anyway, I can't ok you, one od the co-owners needs to.

    As for me, I'll carry on soft resetting, I couldn't do much of anything yesterday as I had a lot of homework (6 hours of maths 0_o), so I needa get back to it.

    Loving the Super Sonic avatar Brawl.
    Ok well I forgot to list my Shiny Lairon caught on Easter Day, Victory Road.
    Whismur caught at the cave which only has Whismurs on 26th December.
    Both in 06 on 3rd gen, is this an ok explanation?
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