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    Perp- No prob. Still not in any stage to code anything yet, uh... well just so you have something to do, though, tell me if tilesets are anything like RM, and if it's more or less flexable.

    I plan on creating full maps, and then either importing it straight or chopping it into pieces because there's too much structure in the enviroments to just have tiles haphazardly placed all over. Especially when it comes to lining stuff up. On top of that, the game moves on a pixel by pixel basis, so I can't have everything uniformly in tiles like a traditional Pokemon game anyway.

    Improfane- I actually have both ModPlug Tracker and Fruityloops, but I'm still no composer by and large. The only songs I've made was a sort of Panel de Pon esque panic song just incase I ever got around to creating a sort of PdP using later PI series characters, and a remix of the Insane level of Kirby Star Stacker, but they're far from useable quality.

    I'm more than likely gonna hire a musician anyway for the several tracks I need specially composed. I'm not too worried about a full ST, though, as s/he probably doesn't have that kind of time and I know I don't have that kind of money.

    And the girl thing... it never fails. There's been plently of people who otherwise had me mistaken.

    Esmas - Thanks for the compliments. If anything, though, PMD resembles this (not entirely). PI existed long before then. It's closer to EarthBound, though, and in my own twisted way is related to the MOTHER series, not to a point where I'd label it a MOTHER (fan)game, but more than just some winks and refs.

    It's a tie in I can get away with, though, considering R/G/B/Y was actually indeed inspired by the MOTHER games but I think beyond that it became it's own thing (considering G/S/C and up seems like a whole different ballpark), Creatures Inc once being Ape Inc, Hirokazu Tanaka, Benimaru Itoh, etc...

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