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    In RPGMaker, you import tilesets and they are auto broken-up for you, and you can only set certain values for them. In DM, you make your own turfs completely from scratch, and can give them any kinds of attributes you can code. You can also make turfs which are subsets of other turfs and inherit all of their basic functionalities plus more.

    For example, you can make a water turf (which is only passable by water/flying Pokemon) and make a deep water turf which is the same as water, but can also be dived in. Or, without making a sub-turf you could make a secret wall doof turf which is completely different to your wall turf but has the same icon. You can even have turfs based off of turfs based off of turfs... like, well I can't imagine why you'd go that far but it's doable.

    Maaaan... pixel by pixel collisions are gonna be a pain in the ass. I'm going to start looking up some libraries for it on the BYOND site and doing a few test programs to get used to it before I try implementing anything. Pixel movement shouldn't be too hard, but yeah unless you intend to have the entire tile of the ground be collide-able I'ma have to figure something out...

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