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    Wait, don't. Not yet.

    It's getting icreasingly harder to choose which engine I want to use in the long run. What I need to do is have a sort of pros and cons list of both, and see which of the two has the pros outweigh the cons, or if that doesn't happen, which has less cons.

    I think you've done this already with BYOND, at least some pros, but now I'm gonna try to see it side by side.

    - Since most people use it, there's more support for it.

    - Sucks with sprite allowance. I absolutely need to have a lot of sprite allowance.


    - No MP3 support (music conversion's gonna take a lot of time, and I don't even know if the OGGs will even play on a person's computer who doesn't have a method of playing mine)

    Okay the list is thin, I forgot a lot of stuff. Both forgot and just don't know. A potential con for BYOND, though... do you have to sign up to play games or can you create an executable file? I know I'm gonna lose some people if they gotta sign up just to play it. Then again, in a way I guess that keeps the program more secure.

    It's reasons like the above as to why I can't come to any definate conclusions. I'm going to go back to spriting now. It's a safe mindless task. ^_^;

    ... well there's always Game Maker... '~'

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