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-Name Is: Teresa
-Nicknames: Skittlez, and a bad word ;;
Online: Chikara, Chi, Resa
Offline: Teresa
-Sex: Female
-Birthday: January 13th
-Hair Color: Blonde
-Eye Color: Blue and green-ish
-Height: 5'1
-Writing Hand: right
-Nail Biter?: nope
-Can You Roll Your Tongue?: Yep
-Can You Blow Smoke Rings?: I don't smoke
-Can You Blow Spit Bubbles?: I hope not
-Can You Cross Your Eyes?: No
-Tattoos? And Where: None
-Could You Live Without Your Computer?: ABSOLUTELY POSETUTELY NOT
-What's Your Favorite Fruit?: Grapes
-What Pain Hurts More emotional or psychical: Physical o.o
-Do You Trust Others Too Easily?: Nope
-Have You Ever Played A Game That Required Removal Of Clothing: Ummm....... no :D

Of Times Your Heart Has Been Broken?: 2
Of Hearts You Have Broken?: None I hope ;;
Of Drugs Taken Illegally?: None
Of Tight Friends?: Ummm... *counts* 2 or 3 offline
Of CD's Owned?: A LOT ._.
Of Scars On Your Body?: Chicken pock scars. I'm not sure how many

I Love: Candy (people)
I Want: Candy (a lot of stuff I won't get)
I Have: Candy (a lot of stuff I worked my butt off for)
I Wish: For Candy (I could meet my friends online one day maybe)
I Hate: Sugar free candy (sugar free candy)
I Fear: Sugar free candy (Spiders and heights and needles)
I Hear: Candy ( ._.)
I Ache: ...candy ._. (.....o.o?)
I Care: For candy (For my friends)
I Always: think about candy (fall asleep in class)
I Dance: to candy (I don't dance -.-)
I Cry: for candy (When I get sad, but barely ever)
I Write: about candy (I hate writing)
I Confuse: candy (Everyone around me)
I Can Usually Be Found: By the candy (At the mall)

-Are You A/An:
Wuss?: kinda sorta
Gang member?: no
Daydreamer?: yes
Alcoholic?: no
Freak?: maybe >>
Brat?: I hope not
Sarcastic?: YES
Goody-goody?: No
Angel?: I'm not dead yet >>
Evil?: I'm told I am
Friend?: Yes <3
Shy?: Yes
Adventurous?: Kinda
Intelligent?: ... LOL no

Your Best Feature?: Hair by far
Most Annoying Thing You Do?: People who don't pronounce things right
Biggest Mistake You've Made This Far in your life?: I told a lie I can't bring myself to come clean about
Describe Yourself In One Word?: Fun
A Smell That Makes You Smile?: Anything that smells nice
A City You'd Like To Visit?: Tokyo, Anywhere in California
A Drink You Order Most Often: Dr. Pepper
The Music You Prefer When Alone?: Japanese music like things form Nightmare
A TV Show You Watch Regularly?: The Office, Friends(mmhm, I still watch it)
[taking a break, life is killing me]

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