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    -Name Is: Angelo
    -Nicknames: Angelo, Aj
    Online: Ryouki-kun, Ry-Ry
    Offline: Aj
    -Sex: Male
    -Birthday: October 10, 1994
    -Hair Color: Black
    -Eye Color: Brown
    -Height: Um, 5'4? I haven't check my width in years!
    -Writing Hand: Right
    -Nail Biter?: Yep.
    -Can You Roll Your Tongue?: No
    -Can You Blow Smoke Rings?: No
    -Can You Blow Spit Bubbles?: No
    -Can You Cross Your Eyes?: No
    -Tattoos? And Where: No!
    -Could You Live Without Your Computer?: No
    -What's Your Favorite Fruit?: Apple
    -What Pain Hurts More emotional or psychical: Emotional
    -Do You Trust Others Too Easily?: Nope.
    -Have You Ever Played A Game That Required Removal Of Clothing: Um, Whut? No!

    Of Times Your Heart Has Been Broken?: 0
    Of Hearts You Have Broken?: 0
    Of Drugs Taken Illegally?: 0
    Of Tight Friends?: 5
    Of CD's Owned?: 3
    Of Scars On Your Body?: Only 1

    I Love: Family or all sorts of things.
    I Want: Food, Junk Food, Many things
    I Have: Manga
    I Wish: I havemy own LapTop
    I Hate: Vegetables
    I Fear: Darkness (I think)
    I Hear: Sounds
    I Ache: Eye Sore
    I Care: about many things
    I Always: goes to the computer while watching TV
    I Dance: when needed too.
    I Cry: because I'm easily blamed for everything
    I Write: in pencils? o.o;;
    I Confuse: Most Math and Algebra Equation.
    I Can Usually Be Found: At home, at the library, near the computer

    -Are You A/An:
    Wuss?: Wuss? NO!
    Gang member?: I was.
    Daydreamer?: Yep.
    Alcoholic?: Never
    Freak?: Nope.
    Brat?: Sometimes.
    Sarcastic?: Kinda.
    Goody-goody?: Yup.
    Angel?: Sometimes.
    Evil?: Another Sometimes.
    Friend?: Sure.
    Shy?: Yep.
    Adventurous?: Kinda.
    Intelligent?: Another Kinda.

    Your Best Feature?: Uh, My Skills? o.o;;
    Most Annoying Thing You Do?: Do Chores, and do homework.
    Biggest Mistake You've Made This Far in your life?: Unable to finish my exams on time.
    Describe Yourself In One Word?: Intelligent.
    A Smell That Makes You Smile?: Uh? Books? o.o;;
    A City You'd Like To Visit?: Tokyo and my Hometown, and live there forever!
    A Drink You Order Most Often: Coke :3
    The Music You Prefer When Alone?: I dunno.
    A TV Show You Watch Regularly?: Animes.
    Stop the cycle of hate!
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    NOT Bunnelbies or Elemental Monkeys!
    If you appreciate what you got in trade, O-Power the person!
    Shout "Nice" to the person whom you traded to!
    Together WE can stop the cycle of hate!
    It doesn't hurt you to be nice or appreciative.
    Don't be that underaged player who doesn't know better!
    Good Pokemons to trade: Leftover breeds, Shiny Pokemon, Rare Pokemon, HA Pokemon, Dittos
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