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-Name Is: Erica
Online: God, Lightning, Lighty, Eri, fonicarte, lightningchan, etc.
Offline: God, Eric
-Sex: Female
-Birthday: April 19, 1989
-Hair Color: Brown
-Eye Color: Blue-grey
-Height: 5'1" (and a half, according to my doctor... does it matter? XD)
-Writing Hand: Right-handed
-Nail Biter?: All the time. Bad habit to shake. D:
-Can You Roll Your Tongue?: Yes
-Can You Blow Smoke Rings?: No idea
-Can You Blow Spit Bubbles?: Yes XD
-Can You Cross Your Eyes?: I took great pride in this ability when I was younger.
-Tattoos? And Where: Nope
-Could You Live Without Your Computer?: Well, I guess I could but I'd be downright miserable. Plus I'd just borrow my friends' or start living at the school's computer lab. :P
-What's Your Favorite Fruit?: Banana
-What Pain Hurts More emotional or psychical: Physical for me
-Do You Trust Others Too Easily?: Not really
-Have You Ever Played A Game That Required Removal Of Clothing: No

Of Times Your Heart Has Been Broken?: None?
Of Hearts You Have Broken?: Dunno?
Of Drugs Taken Illegally?: Zero
Of Tight Friends?: Eleven
Of CD's Owned?: No idea. Don't buy them anymore, though.
Of Scars On Your Body?: Three.

I Love: Myself
I Want: Money :\
I Have: A messy dorm room
I Wish: I could get to sleep at a normal time
I Hate: Emotions!
I Fear: Chihuahuas
I Hear: Music
I Care: Sometimes
I Always: Breathe
I Dance: Very rarely
I Cry: Only for video games
I Write: Livejournal entries and forum posts
I Confuse: Most people I meet
I Can Usually Be Found: Either right here at my desk or in my friend's room

-Are You A/An:
Wuss?: Not especially
Gang member?: No o_O
Daydreamer?: Oh yes
Alcoholic?: No. Can't stand the taste.
Freak?: Probably.
Brat?: I don't try to be. D:
Sarcastic?: No; whatever gave you that idea?
Goody-goody?: Usually.
Angel?: Of course not XD
Evil?: No
Friend?: Sure?
Shy?: At times
Adventurous?: I try to be ♥
Intelligent?: Yes

Your Best Feature?: Um... my rationality?
Most Annoying Thing You Do?: Oh, I dunno. Probably hit people. XD
Biggest Mistake You've Made This Far in your life?: Not sharing that~
Describe Yourself In One Word?: AWESOME.
A Smell That Makes You Smile?: Cinnamon buns
A City You'd Like To Visit?: Um... London, England.
A Drink You Order Most Often: Coke
The Music You Prefer When Alone?: 90s pop!
A TV Show You Watch Regularly?: I don't watch TV. Don't have cable here. :C