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Seme Dara will get you :o
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    -Name Is: Elise
    -Nicknames: Kirby, Elisecie, Dr. Elise, Kabii, SF, Mariolover (don't ask xD)
    Online: SF, Dr. Elise, Elisecie, Mariolover
    Offline: Elisecie, Kabii, Kirby, Mariolover
    -Sex: Female
    -Birthday: Januray 9, 1992
    -Hair Color: Brown
    -Eye Color: Brown
    -Height: 5'6''
    -Writing Hand: Right
    -Nail Biter?: Yes
    -Can You Roll Your Tongue?: Yep xD
    -Can You Blow Smoke Rings?: I dont smoke so I dont know o_o;
    -Can You Blow Spit Bubbles?: I dunno xD
    -Can You Cross Your Eyes?: No XD
    -Tattoos? And Where: Nope
    -Could You Live Without Your Computer?: Sadly... No xD
    -What's Your Favorite Fruit?: Strawberry <3
    -What Pain Hurts More emotional or psychical: Emotional I guess ^^;
    -Do You Trust Others Too Easily?: Yes >.>
    -Have You Ever Played A Game That Required Removal Of Clothing: Yes XDD My friend and me gave it up after we had to take off our shirts XD

    Of Times Your Heart Has Been Broken?: Zero
    Of Hearts You Have Broken?: One... Thats what he told me XD
    Of Drugs Taken Illegally?: No
    Of Tight Friends?: One <3
    Of CD's Owned?: I dont know XD
    Of Scars On Your Body?: Not sure ^_^;;

    I Love: Dara <3
    I Want: To see Dara ;-;
    I Have: A turtle =D
    I Wish: That Dara was here...
    I Hate: A few people
    I Fear: Death and losing someone close
    I Hear: My annoying Computer Applications teacher XD
    I Ache: Um.. xD
    I Care: About her <3
    I Always: Will love her <3
    I Dance: Never
    I Cry: Eaisly
    I Write: Randomly
    I Confuse: Everyone o.o
    I Can Usually Be Found: In my room xD

    -Are You A/An:
    Wuss?: I guess?
    Gang member?: No
    Daydreamer?: Sometimes XD
    Alcoholic?: No
    Freak?: Been told that I am
    Brat?: Not that I know of
    Sarcastic?: Sometimes
    Goody-goody?: Kind of I guess XD
    Angel?: Not really
    Evil?: No XD
    Friend?: I hope so!
    Shy?: Yes ><
    Adventurous?: Not really xD
    Intelligent?: No xD

    Your Best Feature?: Ive been told my eyes =/
    Most Annoying Thing You Do?: I say sorry all the time XD
    Biggest Mistake You've Made This Far in your life?: Uh.. :thinks: Not sure =/
    Describe Yourself In One Word?: Different. XD
    A Smell That Makes You Smile?: Not sure ^_^;
    A City You'd Like To Visit?: Tokyo =D
    A Drink You Order Most Often: Diet Coke or Water
    The Music You Prefer When Alone?: Forgien music
    A TV Show You Watch Regularly?: Uh.. It changes. Currently its been Marmalade Boy ^_^;

    ...This was funny accutly XD

    When it ended, you cried instead of make anew
    Was there a reason for forgetting everything...?
    T o m o r r o w descends from the sky like a feather,
    waking you up like an agonizing i l l u s i o n

    Dara and I have the best inside jokes ever, this banner RULES.

    Curaims Eru Jay Maispace Seme Theme

    I love you Dara. <3